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1740 Coffee Genesis: The Homegrown Coffee

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Coffee will always be part of the daily lives of everyone around the world. Even Filipinos love the taste of premium in the calm morning. One taking one sip of hot coffee is essential to boost our energy level for work or studies. Like a motivational instrument for one fine day, it naturally became a habit. 1740 Coffee Genesis: The Homegrown Coffee will surely get your back in every minute of draining of energy.

Every coffee has its aroma and flavor that suited your tastebud. A complete coffee blends well depending on its subtle acidity. In each coffee can be differentiated through the type of coffee ground make for your preference. Luckily I found it in the 1740 Coffee Genesis Restaurant.

Sounds interesting, Aren’t they?

1740 Coffee Genesis is a homegrown, handcrafted coffee shop. This coffee shop is not the typical coffee shop that you will always see in commercial marketing ads. Their concept is like being one of the education coffee shops that you should check out! I also personally loved their advocacy since I love learning new things as their main foundation.

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-You can choose your coffee variant on your preference
-All of their products are locally handcrafted and made in the Philippines (Sagada, Baguio, Batangas, Mt. Apo, and many more)
-They feature many local artists & painters each week.
-You can also order side options: leveled up local cuisines and delicacies anywhere within the Philippines (like bibingka, suman ala monde, Filipino beefsteak, etc.)
-They have ongoing on-site workshops every Saturday with training fee, certificates, and handouts

FUN TRIVIA: Why their brand called “1740 COFFEE GENESIS”

“As we are also passionate when it comes to coffee. My wife and I decided to came up with a coffee franchise that not only focuses on coffee variants that would sell but also the natural concept of helping the local farmers in the Philippines to be known for their crafts;
We used 1740 COFFEE GENESIS as the brand name when the original date of the 1st coffee was introduced or arrived in the Philippines.” Franz Karl Gallo, the owner, said.



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It is a customized box wherein you enjoy four different variants of Coffee from their Philippine Coffee Collection. It was already in the ground coffee condition, no need to put it in the coffeemaker. One ounce of water is ready to go. The variants included in the box are Ambo, Dapliyan, and Mankiyagang. Each coffee variant has 70g each.

The one I tried is “TETING,”
It was their first coffee named after its farmer, Sergio “Teting” Loon. It gives a premium coffee flavor and delicate aroma once you put it in the coffee maker.

You will enjoy the after-taste altogether with chocolate ganache. It perfectly blended well together. You can be brewed as hot or cold coffee and even with a tipsy bit of milk.


I love the sweetness that you will not get tired of while drinking your preferred coffee variant. (I ate four slices in just one day haha) The ganache on top doesn’t mush the whole fork and knife in one touch. The glazed sugar inside tastes like mocha which I like. It like a frosty cake; that you would love to have every occasion.

The whole chocolate ganache has 5-8 slices that perfect for satisfying food tasting with your family and friends.

Foodie Tip: You stored it for about 2-3 days without fringe. However, It would be better to refrigerate it you have for a better food tasting experience.


Taste: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Package: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Delivery: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Customer Service: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

All 5-star rated. With no regrets, they deserved it! No more talks, try having a coffee tasting in their location will surely make you visit it several times. Not only coffee lovers will love but also the local people. Walk-in travelers will love to dine in. (I would love to visit their place real soon!)

SUPPORT LOCAL FARMERS with 1740 Coffee Genesis

When I first heard their advocacy, I fell in love with it. It is beyond my expectations. I proudly and glad to say we have this coffee shop that values local farmers and local Filipino artisans. Continue, helping to boost the local economy through their agenda despite the current situation. Adhere to that, A multi-purpose coffee shop and restaurant that could even be known.

As a coffee lover also, I will recommend them. The whole concept reminds me of my working as an employee and a barista in the past. Good memories resonate well elapse time you had an experience. Same with the title itself. Sometimes you need one coffee, good food, and small talk with a friend to have the me-time that you all ever need.

Location Address: Marcos Highway, 1600 Cainta, Philippines
Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday (10 am to 9 pm)
Friday to Sunday (11 am to 10 pm)

Check out their Official Facebook & Instagram.

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  1. I am a huge coffee drinker and love to support local coffee shops where possible. This coffee sounds amazing! I am planning a trip to the Philippines next year and will add this to my list of places to visit. Thanks for sharing!

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