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2020 Travel Trends That You Should Know

Travel Trends keep on switching into new settings year by year. Anything could stay in shape but in Tourism everything makes another way round to keep travelers busy in planning a trip for leisure or recreation travel. Are you one of the avid travelers who wants more to leave a great exceptional moment in your lives? Well, Let’s found it because these 2020 travel trends may blow up your mind to take away your fear for more fearless travel you can ever have.

2020 Travel Trends That You Should Know
1. Travel by Train
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Most travelers love the world’s beauty as well themselves. Going back and through among city tours requires a lot of commuting in order to feel the local culture. Despite that walking also became number good exercise of travelers. However, Train travel will have an impact in 2020. All you ever wanted to do in travel is here. It’s all about Traveling with Comfort. Allow yourself to indulge in the sights, cuisine and many more while relaxing in your front-row seat.

2. Pet-Friendly Travel

A lot of people love their pets as much as their children which it became such a huge topic since last year. Having a pet is just like having a true best friend. This way around Pet Travel is on-going to let travelers be with their fuzzy yet cutey pets on board. Traveling with pets is going to rise next year. Thankfully more destinations and even travel-related activities considerations the pet owners to choose their ideal holiday vacations which they can bring along their pets in pet-friendly travel destinations.

3. Environmental or Slow Travel
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As more travel destinations boomed in a year, there are many changes that make travelers more conscious and environment-friendly which is really great. Being into slow travel doesn’t make you poorer seeing that as a good factor for young future generations to take care of wonderful places in the world.  Environmental Travel includes all good insights to let everyone be aware of what is currently happening to our damaged world.
In this kind of travel, you can enjoy a pretty simple yet wonderful relaxation while going somewhere. Besides, you can help the world damage lessen.

4. Vegan Hotels
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A lot of dietary foods are going on through social media. One of the most popular methods is veganism. Veganism is another way round in traveling with wellness. As growing older, lifestyle changes that’s why some people do it for a proper healthy diet. Vegan hotels are going to be very in terms of wellness activity while traveling because you can’t be bothered in your cuisines needed to take for your health.

5.  Insta-Tourism
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Technology changes rapidly where social media became the main channel for communication around the world. Instagram serves as an inspiration for individuals’ travel plans. Insta-tourism became a huge topic. Additionally, it will continually grow in the modern world. Tuning on Instagram have a great impact on searching ideal travel destinations for vacations or holidays. Insta-tourism also includes the photography industry then everyone suddenly became paparazzi at a certain moment.  A way of capturing little precious moments and share it with friends, family and even everyone.

6. Second-City Travel

Travelers tend to target new places to visit rather than popular tourist attractions. Second-City Travel is all about seeking adventures within the city proper of town in certain countries. It is more focus on the unseen and rare qualities that one place has to offer for travel leisure and recreation activities. Less is More in Second-city Travel because it indulges with new travel opportunities that can be the future of the tourism industry.

7. Micro-trips

Not all travelers are financial well and have the time to travel. Let sink that in. 2020 is the year to embrace Micro Trips, short yet experience-dense mini-vacations. You can experience this once in a while for a shortened length of time.  Micro Adventures are perfect for on the go millennials! This helps them go for little expansion where traditional recreations meet with shorter gateways for more stress-free and cultural happenings.
The main concept is to Keep your Time Secure, Plan Simple and Let the Experience shines.

8. Women Only Group Travel
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An ongoing travel campaign, designed for women, where they could join specific travel itineraries with a specific category like yoga retreats, hiking, cultural festivals and etc. These small group trips are experiencing a major increase in bookings.


New year, New travel trends are going the next step to make your travel more fun and memorable. Traveling methods changing over a year. Aside from that, it became easier to choose many options for you. Something new catches our attention to get feel the real essence of how Traveling helps your mind, body and soul feel better in life.

These trends are here of another great impact that everyone can use as a tool for being more open-minded to try everything with doubts. In the end, it’s only a matter of choice cause Traveling is a recreational activity that allows you to be more culturally diverse and competent in life. Thanks to modern technology, everything makes it possible with new hope and guidelines for the next travel. Lastly, There is no perfect among these trends but the best way is to think creatively when travelling.

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9 thoughts on “2020 Travel Trends That You Should Know”

  1. I love this list of 2020 travel trends! I am all for slow travel & want to do more research on it for my own blog. It is great to see more people being educated on the purpose of travel & how to travel more sustainably…rather than just for the ‘gram! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that slow travel (particularly train travel) is now in. It’s so much better for the environment, and it forces you to really soak in your surroundings.

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