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About The Blog

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Youthsoloartsy is a coined word that focuses on the cultural diversity world we live in. A Travel, Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle, where you can get insightful travel tips, honest food reviews, the impact of sustainable fashion. The goal of this blog is to help women to build their self-love, find exceptional travel tips to expand their adventures, raising awareness of sustainable fashion, and have an eco-conscious lifestyle. 

About the Blogger

Mikhaela Alyssa Adarve is a travel management university graduate, who hails in the Philippines. She is a Freelance Model, Language Translator & Digital Creator who loves to share her insightful travel tips, honest food reviews, the importance of self-love & raising the awareness of sustainable fashion. Today, She enjoys exploring new places for adventures and meet new people for lifetime experiences. She hopes that you enjoy reading her blog and thanks you from the bottom of her heart for dropping by.
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