YOUTHSOLOARTSY by Mikhaela is Travel + Style + Arts blog where she daily shares life travel adventures, inspirations, and interesting chronicles.

Mikhaela Alyssa Adarve is a content creator that focuses on travel, fashion & lifestyle. She is also a freelance model, hobbyist photographer,  capture moments through her camera and share it on blog website. She got to know herself well and decided to help women to face their fears to go adventures by traveling and be more open to welcome a diverse society, find their appealing style in fashion and spreads self-love.

It wasn’t that long ago that she is being restless, munching potato chips and drowning in boredom. But, when she found more than reality she lives in when turning to the internet. There were a lot of options that looked promising but chose to blog, and later, content writing. Mikhaela thought it would be fun to try it out and help people gain inspiration when they’re stuck finding their life purpose.

Today, She enjoys exploring new places for adventures and meet new people for lifetime experiences. She hopes that you enjoy reading her blog and thanks you from the bottom of her heart for dropping by.


She is a dancer
Loves fashion + photography
A linguistic