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It’s been a long time I did a fashion blog. Here we go again. The word “FLEXING” is a trend nowadays, even here in the Philippines. You can flex anything you want, such as muscles, home essentials, nail care, etc. Even so, today isn’t about muscles. Let me flex the lastest fashion back pocket bag that I bought personally last March this year.

You know I’ve been contemplating whether I post this or not due to no traveling measures because of the pandemic. I love outdoor photoshoots. It’s hard for female travelers out there having patience waiting for their next outdoor travels. Still, sulky yet pressing again for quality time even at home. I scheduled it the very last time.

Today, I’m going to share it. I bought this back pocket fashion bag in G-market. G-market is a Korean online marketplace. My most favorite online shopping website based in Seoul. It’s all around one-stop e-commerce website where you can find clothes, accessories, shoes, home appliances, and many more.

alt="summer bag"
alt="summer bag 2"

I’m fortunate to get it in its original state. The color is tan. It is also perfect to use for summer. You use as fashion accessories for a walk or even for traveling because it is handy and has medium size. If you haven’t read my blog post about BUYANDSHIP PHILIPPINES, Click here.

All photos captured by my cousin. The place, yeah, probably it is just inside the house. Since we can’t go outside than before, we planned to take the picture on the terrace. It’s still a great photo. Isn’t it?

alt="back pocket bag from G-market"

You can also try this kind of photoshoot even you can’t go outside. Sometimes you just need a little artsy mind and flaunt your home quarantine outfit. How did you find it so far? Tell me in the comments below.


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