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Bechwen’s Cafe: Dine In with your Squads

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Another cafe in the town of Tondo, Manila that twists up my expectations. The more we get to immune to travel the more people walking around the city makes it too crowded. Besides, As a traveler walking is my best option to see a lot of beautiful places, I haven’t seen in my entire life.  The Bechwen’s Cafe is on the right track of it! Dine with your Squads in Bechwen’s Cafe

What is Bechwen’s Cafe?
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This café also has a sentimental meaning for all us which is “BESTFRIEND”. As you read the brand name “Bechwen’s Cafe” it sounds like the best friend in child tone in general.  I love the concept which reminds you that even All struggles came through your life from childhood until now Don’t ever forget that you need a BESTFRIEND. They already launched in the market since September 2019 along the street of Del Fierro in the City of Tondo, Manila.

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Let me share good points about Bechwen’s Cafe

It isn’t crowded
Some cities are really do have poor mass transportation when you travel back and forth just to see another place on your travel bucket list. This is the top reason why I would get here someday. You can easily spot in the café while walking in any circumstances.

You can choose plenty of foods with diverse delish foods
Another reason to love their food menu is they have various food flavors you can taste. Came from the Chef’s brief description: Some rice bowls, hamburgers, have a little touch of different popular cuisine all over the world like Japan, London, Thailand and etc.

Every best friend are cool in Bechwen’s Cafe!

 All foods are made by Chef
All foods are personally made by Chef with really great because it adds a new and unique feeling to every bite you take while eating.

Free Pitcher Iced Tea
One of my favorite drinks in my life, Ice Tea, aside from their milk teas, they also have this kind of promo once you dine in. Never let your mouth dry, Just one cup of iced tea is directly served on your table.

Recommended Food served at Bechwen’s Café

RICE BOWLS: Pork Sinigang in Gravy, Chicken Karaage, Butadon
BURGERS: Chicken & Cheese Burger, Bacon  Cheeseburger,Gravy Dipper Burger, Sriracha Burger, Kimchi Burger

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MILK TEAS: Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese, Okinawa Cream Cheese

Fruit Teas: Lychee, Passion Fruit

Add ons or Extras: Pearls, Nata(Coconut Jelly), Rainbow Jelly, Rocksalt Cheese, Cream Cheese

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The Ambience

When you come in, The whole café gives a light mood and very scenic. In addition, The actual setting is really pop when you need to calm your mind and just eat. The best time to visit is from a late afternoon from 4 pm until late evening.

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alt="Bechwen's Cafe"

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For more information, you can check their Facebook Page here or Zomato.

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