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Becoming the Sustainable Fashionista: An Easy Guide!

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Sustainability in fashion is not a myth anymore. Consumers are more aware of their choices, and more brands and designers are taking note of this. Creating a sustainable fashion wardrobe from scratch may seem overwhelming and may not fit many people’s budget. However, sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be expensive if you follow the right steps. In this post, we are sharing a guide that will make things simpler. Becoming the Sustainable Fashionista: An Easy Guide!

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Go for organic fabrics

You don’t have to throw away all that you have. Instead, go for organic fabrics that are now available from many brands. Organic cotton is a great choice, and you can find labels that only use certified organic materials. These are great alternatives to the standard synthetic and microfiber clothing materials that have been polluting the environment. If you are looking for amazing dresses in organic materials, you can view more here. 

Buy what you need and try to limit your needs

Eventually, one of the key problems of fast fashion is an excessive waste. If each of us would shop for the products we really love, and instead of throwing things away, we would share and recycle clothing materials and accessories, it would resolve half of our problems. Limit what you buy and wait for things to wear out. 

Find the right brands

There are many big labels and designers focusing on sustainable fashion in many ways. Stella McCartney, for instance, doesn’t use fur. Mara Hoffman, Rag & Bone, and DÔEN are some of the other brands that can be considered. You can also find local, indigenous brands that are doing their bit for sustainable fashion. 



There comes the point in our closet when certain things are overdone, do not fit, or sometimes, just not fashionable enough. Don’t be tempted to throw away things. Instead, consider donating. Think of everything that you can donate to someone in need. There are also organizations that are accepting clothes for the needy. 

Repair clothing

This is something that many of us take for granted. You have to repair clothing when you can, and if you cannot do that, just find a good tailor. Try and protect your clothes to the best possible extent, so that replacement doesn’t become an obvious thing to do. 

Finally, do organize your wardrobe. Many of us have a habit of buying things, but we never look back and see what we already own. Take a day off and put everything in order so that you can reuse and reimagine some of your fashion staples. Check online for the best designers and websites that have sustainable fashion products and try to encourage others too. These people making an endeavour do need all the support that they can get. 

Author’s Bio: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and style expert for The House of Elegance Fashion. She has been authoring content for blogs, online magazines, and websites for the longest time as a guest writer and editor. Besides nature, she is all about sustainable fashion and a greener planet.

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