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Bubba Lab Café: Deal it with Chemistry

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For the first time, I will blog a café x restaurant. As we go travel, we tend to walk, walk, and walk more to get experience the local culture and great view of each place in that unusual destination. Bubba Lab Café: Deal it with Chemistry is the best to ease your craviness!

So, let me introduce to you, this is just a chilly café where you can hang out with your family & friends! The newest trending, cool and unique concept of Café & Restaurant is here! You can just visit the place just along the highway of Graceland, Marikina.

What is Bubba Lab?

As I entered the café, The first that caught my attention is the brand name, which is Bubba Lab. Without hesitation, The meaning what I expected is similar to what I visualized.

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alt=" Outdoor of Bubba Lab Café"

Bubba \ˈbə-bə\ is our slang term for ‘bubbles‘. The bubbles refer to the foam created by brewing, stirring, agitating & shaking off any of our drinks ( Simply call the lab work!

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The term “lab”, obviously is their own unique ambiance. The lab is the right place for innovating & formulating products that can provide ‘eureka’ moments to everyone.

Love this kind of concept. Upon seeing the menu card, Ah, I reminisce for few minutes during my high school life. One of my favorite subjects is included the Chemistry. I’m so in love with Chemistry back then. It shook me up when they serve the food like in usual laboratory, which is very nice and interesting.

Check out my Food & Drinks Recommendations

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Food served like in Chemistry Laboratory Class
Food Menu Bar
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BEST SELLER: Bubba lab Milktea

Super nova
Chicken slaw croissant
Sour cream Fries
BBQ fries

Cheese overload muffin
Red velvet muffin
Choco chip muffin
Choco moist muffin

Chocolate chip cookies
Oatmeal cookies

Strawberries and cream candy frappe
Mango tea frost
Cucumber cooler

alt=" Concept Theme of Bubba Lab Café"
Trying to magnifying that one large cupcake. Haha

They serve a lot of sweet recipes, good for family and kids. However, You can use your option among your preferences between TEA. COFFEE. JUICE. They also have group packages

Big Bang Trio – Php 200 Super Nova – Php 250.

Overall milkteas are such a pop because it was really creamy! Besides, Finger foods and sweet bake goods is good trying out new snacks during late time.

The Place

My favorite part of the interior is the ceiling because it is very instagrammable and has small gardening on the top of their door. It gives me nature vibes even inside the store.

alt=" Bubba Lab Café Interior"

Mini Trivia: There are already 3 branches around City Proper of Marikina. So, don’t you ever get lost while roaming around the city (like what I did) Hahaha.

Location Address:  Graceland Plaza Marikina, JP Rizal Avenue, Marikina, Quezon City 1805, Philippines

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm (daily)

For more information: Check out their Facebook Page here.

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