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    KBeauty Product Review ft. Celepiderme

    I’m been dealing with my clogging pores ever since university days and no matter what product I use still isn’t effective but Finally, I found …amazing KBeauty product that works to clean and lessen my clogged pores. This might work for you! Welcome to my vlog series! In my latest vlog, I featured amazing Kbeauty product “O2 Bubble Pore Pack Cleanser”. This is an sponsored by Celepiderme & REVU Philippines. Celepiderme is a daily proactive derma-cosmetics brand focused in bringing you multi-functional products. Suitable for all skin types. This product authentic made in South Korea. See sample photos below. Did you find it interesting? Grab yours now! For more lifestyle…

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    A BIRTHDAY VLOG #AugustBaby

    Welcome back to my blog again! Just wanna share what happened during my birthday! I feel like a kid again that day! Haha Anyways, I featured a nice yet cozy café and restaurant in my vlog. The place is “Yellow Lantern Café” You will see how much I love the ambiance I’m getting through the night. Until now, I’m having post-birthday depression. I miss it deeply but that’s normal! If you have any suggestions, just let me know for the next vlog series. Kindly like and subscribe to my youtube channel!