Have you been to Cloud 9 before?

I know you are trying to figure out what is CLOUD 9? This is not just a simple sports and leisure club. It has a lot of services to offer and I’m a little bit surprised that the place is quite huge to walk on. Cloud 9 has a new face and is quickly improving every day. It is your next destination in Antipolo for barkadas (a group of friends or SQUAD) nights, relaxation, retreats, family bonding, seminars, and team building. It’s one of the most visited places in Antipolo, the Philippines yet felt so lucky to see this personally.

alt="cloud 9-mini museum"

Upon entering, two of nice leisure activity that you must need to do in Cloud 9 is WALK THROUGH THE HANGING BRIDGE and enter the PIGEON PARK. The place also has a swimming pool and hotel which is very also convenient for company or barkadas that badly wants to have seminars and team buildings. Art Museum & Restaurant is also located here. The most favorite spot is the 360 View, you can see the whole wide aerial view of Antipolo. However, there’s only a limited time to experience Hanging Bridge & 360 View, which is only for 30 minutes.


Hanging Bridge  – P 70.00

Pigeon Park – P 50.00

alt="cloud 9-restaurant"

By the way, if you have lunch in their restaurant entrance is free just keep the receipt and then you’re ALL IN!

Look! Watch out there’s more!
alt="cloud 9-hanging bridge"
alt="cloud  9:"overlooking view"
Look at that beautiful view!

I tried to walk through the hanging bridge and that was kinda nerve-wracking because the air is blowing hard from the top of mountains which suddenly think of my balance. Haha. Although it was so high, I made to the top and proud to myself that one of my personal travel activities is done and happy to say many more have to come with life adventures. After accomplishing your task, you will finally see the 360 views from the top. Luckily, I’m not afraid of heights and I really enjoyed the massive view of the beautiful City of Antipolo.

alt="cloud 9: 360 view"
alt="cloud 9: 360 view"
alt="cloud 9: silhouette"

PRO TIP: It is really better to visit during the late afternoon until evening in order to enjoy the whole place, see the wonderful sunset and you can bring snacks with you during day tours! In just 2-3 hours you totally walk around Cloud 9. There were lots of Insta-worthy spots. You can also book ahead for hotel reservation and catering services for an event or party venues. So happy traveling!

See you in my next travel blog post!

21 thoughts on “Cloud 9: A SENTIMENTAL AFTERNOON”

  1. I like hanging bridges, I don’t like it when there is wind though because it makes me. I don’t have fear of heights as well so I love 360 degrees view from above.

  2. I’ve never been to Cloud 9 before, but it looks like such a great place to visit! I’ll keep this all in mind, for when I finally get a chance to go there myself.

  3. Looks like you found a great spot to enjoy! I haven’t been there but interesting destinations like this are definitely on our list!

  4. Such a wonderful place, I love the amazing view. I’m thinking to have an vacation at Philippines, would love to go first there.

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