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Creative Hobby to do at Home

A lot of us trying to figure in what to do in one day. All people have different skills and passions. We have different values and perceptions. However to lessen the anxiety you have while isolating your self in the corner. You can start a new experience that will make you productive even at home. These top 5 creative hobby is your new way to feel you worthy learning new things outside your comfort zone.

All of these activities are also my current creative hobby while staying home without traveling for the whole month of quarantine. Whenever you start a new hobby, you just naturally became part of your character. You are able of doing more than you expected so, keep trying!


Home Cooking is my current hobby while staying at home. I always love mixing foods especially desserts and everyone does it. Some of the home cooking is usually DIYs. You don’t need to be good at first but eventually, as practice, you can properly add new flavors in your dishes. I can’t deny I also suffer from the very beginning. I suggest try out some easy ones until you level up your cooking skills.

Some dishes that easy to make are Sushis/Kimbaps, Hamburgers, French Toast, Carbonara, and more. These foods don’t need extravagant equipment for you to make. You just need one and that is the cooking pan


DIY Crafts have always been around us since then. It doesn’t only make for artists or creative ones. Each one of us could be artsy in just one day. I can’t deny I also have the passion of becoming a barista in my home. Lol, It’s a Lil bit annoying when you usually immune to wake up early in the morning and you just stay at home. How about brewing a coffee? Coffee is not only for mornings, Coffee Lovers, said. I guess it is.

DIY Coffee is really easy to make if you always use your hands in your everyday routine. The fresh and new trend is Dalgona Coffee. Dalgona is also the sweet sponge candy, a popular Korean street snack. also known as “ppopgi”, the candy became popular in the ’70s. However, Dalgona Coffee is different. It became popular due to easy making of toffee and foam-like frosty coffee and I’m sure everyone would love it cause it is not too strong.

Aside from Dalgona Coffee, You can try out many kinds of coffee in your home with just one coffee maker(french press) depending on your choice like Vanilla Latte, Cappucino, Mocha, Caramel Macchiato and even more.


This is the main thing you can achieve as a traveler. Why not switch with some additional learning techniques in dealing with unmotivated language study. First off, try to translate everything into your target language. It is very a rough part but then as you practice this you can be fluent in weeks without worrying about the context you want to say. Second is don’t try to memorize. Make a MIND MAP. In this way, you can put all related words with each other in use them for every other day in your journal so that you will never forget them.

Lastly, Listen first before you speak. Try some learning podcasts online. I‘ve always prepared to listen and reading at loud at the same time. You can distinguish the proper diction, pronunciation, and flow of speech of the language you always want to learn.



If you mix in the first two activities, Home gardening needs it too. It always acquires to learn the act of aborning during the first times. This is quite confusing at first if you don’t have a passion for gardening. It isn’t just about tree planting.

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Home Gardening deals with creativity and compassion to properly let your plants grow. You don’t need large size of the garden. Make it in your terraces and it’s done! It’s not about the quantity but quality first for you to understand that plants or flowers are living too and need love.


Calligraphy is the best home activity to relieve stress if you love writing and designing letters. This also has certain skills to become great but as a beginner, you will learn the concept of overflowing creativity in your mind that every word you make has subtle meaning and that is what is art. It also helps your mind to free from overthinking. Cultivates vision and elevates your spirit with positive thinking.

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Furthermore, It captivates mindfulness in every situation. As you wrote execute particular pen strokes, you become more detailed to achieve creative artwork you want to display in the eyes of the public.


While staying home, we always feel unmotivated and wanted to just relax lying to your bed all day long. It is one reason why most of us are experiencing being stiff and feel tired nevertheless limitlessly eating while binge-watching some favorite shows. However, there is a solution to this habit. Yoga and Pilates are the right solutions to get up and shape your body in your way.

Yoga has been for years and it always brings good practice to maintain balance and flexibility. Aside from that, it promotes body conditioning if you are a dancer.

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Yoga, also shows the art of meditation in executing one pose in a minute. Meanwhile, Pilates is quite similar to yoga but the difference is you usually use equipment here just like doing home workouts. Either losing weight or gaining weight is hard. Yoga and Pilates are both good for maintaining your healthy diet to meet your weight goals even at home.


We have been through a lot of travel for the whole year. A surprisingly short period of precious moments that no could ever have. However, an obstacle brings us together in many ways in light and dark times of appreciating the gift of life we have. All of us needed to be stronger and keep tight.

Don’t forget to smile and be positive regardless of what situation you are in. One creative hobby helps us a lot to be more productive and manage our mental health to lessen the stress level. Despite the current situation, it always good to remember you got the passion to do things right and be the right person to deliver results to continue your undeniably creative hobby.


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