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Cultural Heritage Site To Visit in Philippines

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Visiting the Cultural Heritage Site of one country shapes the whole history of one city. you can learn so much more about it. Since National Tourism Day falls on May 7 every year, Let me share some traveler’s spots and local’s recommendations to visit in the Philippines. Cultural Heritage Site in the Philippines is one step closer to learn more about its rich culture and local traditions.

Most cultural heritage is proudly present by locals. It is pleasing to the eyes and unwinds your inner desire to connect the dots of history. If you are ready, let’s get started to travel back within the past.


Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte

It also called as San Agustin Church in Paoay, Ilocos Norte. One of the outstanding structures, the church, became an eye-opener to every traveler who visits the whole area to see the beautiful open space. It was build-in 1604 and completed in 1704. You could almost see this spot in every single post stamp before or postcard of the Philippines. Any vintage lover would love to collect it. It was considered National Cultural Treasure and UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993.

House of Dakay in Batanes

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The oldest house in Batanes is made of stone. It is located in San Jose de Ivana. Often called Ivana. Despite its nooky and small ambiance, it survived the powerful earthquakes and other calamities. In the end, The House of Dakay earned the UNESCO heritage site title. If you could happen to avail four days and three nights tours in Batanes Tour Package, you can visit the whole house and take a picture.

Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao

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It is the most famous natural large terrain in the Philippines, Banaue Rice Terraces. If you are bound to travel between Sagada-Benguet, you can get a glimpse of fresh cool air with massive overlooking of large irrigated rice terraces formed by Ifugao people more than 2,000 years ago. You can spot them around several villages in north-central Luzon, particularly in Banaue, Ifugao area.

It is considered one of the Top Traveler’s choices in the Philippines, located in the highest point of Luzon, the summer capital of Baguio City. That is known for its Strawberry farm and Mines View Park.

Manila’s Historic Walled City Intramuros

Intramuros means “within the walls” in the Latin word. You can view San Agustin Church and Fort Santiago, the official heritage site and museum to celebrate the life of the national hero, Gat. Dr. Jose Rizal.

Intramuros is often open to local people and travelers during its freedom walk tour around the area in a week depend on the available date. It is a free-day tour wherever you want. Check out other places around Intramuros here. The location where Gat. Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippines national hero exile during his prime in making the hidden message in his novel works Noli Me Tangere, El Filibusturismo, and many more.


The best option you can get is by Jeepneys or tricycle for your day tour in one area. The price range is 20-50 pesos per head. However, there a walking distance tour like in Manila City Tour around Intramuros where you can roam around in a day with your fellow travelers or friends to look out for available open spaces for photo taking and learn more about the general history of its location.

If you are getting lost in the direction, You download the Waze app on y our mobile phone to check the city map and ask the locals where you are heading.


-reusable tumbler

-your Backpack

-Rechargeable power bank and loaded wifi

-pocket money (around 2,700-5,800php) – applicable for DIY solo travellers

-pack your clothes (3 shirts, one pair of pants, one short with one pair of slippers and sneakers)


Most of the cultural heritage sites offer a minimal amount entrance fee depending on the location stated above. A free load of payment will be available whenever there is a festival celebration of a mini-event in the cities. The ideal type to visit most of the travelers’ choices are from 9 am until 11 am to avoid the extreme heat in the afternoon.

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  1. I love it when a website has gorgeous photos and helpful information. I love cultural heritage sites and I like to do the research before I go. Your site is a great resource for that.

  2. I love learning about places I visit and cultural heritage places give you such a good grounding of knowledge of the local area and country. Thanks for the insight into the Philippines.

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