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Dapo Resort: Sweet Summer Escapade

Where is the DAPO RESORT?

It is located in a rural area of Real Quezon. This coastal town, located on the eastern shores of Luzon facing the Philippine Sea. You shouldn’t miss visiting this great island during the summer. It’s perfectly suited the hot dumpy weather to distress and enjoy the solitude moment. When visiting this place, You will feel like a bird alighted in a window. It gives the feeling of being in deep thoughts and like an open-minded person finding the truth.

This is just 3-5 hours away from Rizal. You could get here by commuting, rent a van, or bus. The best time is visit is during early morning or before sunset. Due to its natural location, You can see the beautiful glow of sunrise and sunset and feel the caress of the breezy wind.

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Palm trees along the seashore
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How big the sailing boat is

Summer love is here. Wants more?

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People are camping
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I just love the color of the sky

My family and I travel there around post lunch.  That was really a long ride yet very exciting! While waiting to reach the destination, My favorite habit is EATING! Haha J Food is the best way to increase your energy level. Doesn’t it? It’s also great to bring your BAON(packed food) for the trip! We got there before sunset. The place was so calm and peaceful that you can hear the loud sound waves by the beach.

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The summer trip was 2 days 1 night. Dapo Resort is one of unrated beach resort yet aesthetically beautiful. You can bring the whole company to get together and go camping. It’s my first time to try sleeping by the beach. A little bit anxious due to sleepless night however really interesting.  In the morning, The sun still not up and I suddenly worried I can’t continue with my blog. Luckily after a few hours, the sun smiles thoroughly under my skin. One of the big reason I got tanned. Poor Asian skin indeed.  However, It’s very enjoyable and perfectly ideal for those who wants to have a company team building or summer recreation.

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