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DENIM WEAR: Into the wild blue yonder

alt="denim wear"
alt="denim wear"

Welcome back to my blog, This time around been busy to cope with schedules, sometimes feel drained to come up with new ideas but I need refreshment. So let me share my second photoshoot experience. Let go with denim wear:  Into the wild blue yonder.

You got it right! The theme during the photoshoot is DENIM WEAR. Actually, it is my first time to try this king of an open event for freelance models. In addition, it is also a for-a-cause event shoot.  It is really fun! Okay, I might always say fun, fun, fun but it’s real J I had so fun during the denim photoshoot.

The event was kinda a bit longer for me as a newbie in the world of photoshoots but along the way, I enjoyed it. There are no stylists. All the clothes are fully owned by me. There were two kinds of outfits that I’d worn which is really not full ootds but only tops. I didn’t know that denim also could go with these kinds of setups. Like naturey-concept kind of thing.

Here is the types of clothes that I worn during the said event:

 The first one is a fitted gray sweater

The second one is red crop top from Penshoppe

Both are paired with denim.

Rip jeans from Levis

Denim Jacket that I got from a thrift shop

Gray Nike sneakers

You notice I combine neutral colors with denim. It really compliments with the two sets of colors like red, blue. Generally, it also makes you feel one with nature. Open shoots are usually memorable when you are newbies. I learned a lot from this event. By the way, I want to give thumbs up to my MUA(Ms. Queen Nhicole) and Photogs(Mr. Yun Yhing, Zaramaru and Porassman). Thank you for giving me the chance to join this for a cause open photoshoot.

Looking for your fashion inspos, Visit this link & stay tuned for my next fashion blog series.

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