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Derma Science Hand Gel: Hand Sanitizer That You Need

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Derma Science Hand Gel already in the Philippines last January 15, 2021, I’m excited to share this to you all the honest review about this product. It’s my first time to have this kind of sanitizer ever. I loved it, of course. 

Upon receiving the package, there are no lapses because the items were delivered without damages. There two options you have when you decided to purchase their hand sanitizer. 

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travel pocket size for 110php (100ml)
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witht family size (best for your homes) for 320php (490ml)

I thought the scent was the same when I check the fragrance in person. However, I noticed the two containers have differences that you would love! My most favorite is the travel pocket size of Derma Science Hand Gel. It has Sakura extract that has always been used in skincare or cosmetic product of Japan. But the items were manufactured by Thailand. So don’t be so confused.

Meanwhile, the family size has a “German Chamomile” scent. It isn’t too strong for your nose. It was gentle to the skin and fragrance-free in both containers. So it was very safe to use. Aside from that, it has 70% percent alcohol content that most hand sanitizers should have to sanitize hands from direct contact on every surface or ground while traveling. 


-Reasonable price and has two options

You can choose two options for your travel. The family size is used within a family or group of friends. The other one is when you love traveling solo or doing personal errands in a day like going to the supermarket or anything.

One of your travel essentials

Since we can’t go out still a lot due to travel precautions, it is essential even this year and very handy(must add in your daily hygiene essentials).

-refilling stations will be available in markets soon

useful guide that you need to look forward to saving our Mother Earth from excessive plastic waste.

-have non-toxic ingredients and safe to use

it is paraben-free and moisturizing your skin in any season (so you don’t have to worry about getting dry skin), quickly dry.

-Available in stores like Shopee & Lazada

I know everyone would love giveaways. So, I would be handling my first giveaway for this year with Derma Science Hand Gel. Everyone is allowed along as you here reading my blog post. Join the giveaway and read the mechanics here.

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I always bring it along with my travel essentials in my bag. It reminds us of the importance of taking care of yourself. I would probably want to have it again. Derma Science is worth keeping in your bags every day. The best alternative for daily hygiene use along with alcohol

If I will going to rate this, my overall score is 4 out of 5 stars. Why?

I’m currently turning my lifestyle into a more eco-conscious lady in her twenties. I’m still hoping that they will provide a refill. In that way, We can lessen the impact of human waste in the community. I can’t wait to see it happen very soon. I hope everyone too. 

Check out their Official Facebook Page for more information.

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