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We’ve been through a lot in 3 months during this home quarantine. Some people are happy, some feel panic, some are frustrated, some are just being positive despite current situations. If we all look in general, All of us could feel extreme anxiety. We can turn this into another opportunity to take aside all emotional feelings. We must practice mindfulness, not doing mind wandering.

Mind-wandering sounds new but it could mean distraction. A distraction that where we all feel nothing even in a day because of too much home isolation. Mind-wandering can be too negative in ways like lost in thoughts, feel empty, disturbance loss of focus, and determination in your daily lifestyle.

We do mind wandering when we feel uncertain about the future. Sometimes, it could also be positive like indulging yourself in visualizing your life goals or you are just thinking about your next trip
it’s always better to find out first the causes and keep validation to yourself to stop mind wandering. It’s a simple coined word but every people have it.

Making your emotions valid brings awareness and compassion. It just another way of accepting our flaws. Too much keep us unproductive despite that we can make it balance. Let’s see how!

What is Mindfulness?

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MINDFULNESS is an at of being aware of many things (such as personal feelings, things around you, daily life routines, accepting and respecting other’s preferences). Mindfulness is the concept of letting ourselves fully understand how simple life works. Traveling is the best example of mindfulness because it became a natural habit due to daily lifestyle routines. It involves many things like food, culture, people conversations, daily affirmations, etc.


-Simple morning walk
Walking in a day helps us release our stress and anxiety. This is also the main activity of a traveler which allows us to explore places where we haven’t been through

-Cook your daily quarantine meal
Cooking is a hobby for everyone. All ages have the freedom to practice a new skill in the kitchen. You can also improve your creativity in one seat. In these isolation times, We need to indulge ourselves in the new activity to lessen our worries and passive mind thoughts. So, make your own daily quaantine meal.

-Go out and be with nature
The most favorite thing about travelers is taking pictures. It became huge since social media has advanced. Truthfully, it goes well with nature. You can take many photos as long as you want. Nevertheless, it just makes us happy-go-lucky in times of enough travel.

-Show empathy
You can’t show empathy without sympathy. It goes with one another like boundaries. These are important because it keeps our emotions balance instead of being overwhelmed during home isolations.

-Improve your lifestyle
We need a daily routine. You need to make a list of your schedule in a day. This trick helps us remember the good things we do in our daily lifestyle. Like in travel, we always forgot to take care of ourselves. The best way to do is self-care as well as self-love. Without it, you can go through your travel plan.


Our minds are free to wander many things but sometimes sadness brings another form of despair. Now, we are limit to do outdoor activities due to forced isolation in which our emotions are affected. It takes one step to wander and it’s the best time to do self-compassion and acceptance that all things around us have an impact on our future. Let’s take it as a new beginning just like in one trip in a day.

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Instead of doing mind wandering, we need to appreciate little things that lead us into happiness like having good food, be able to communicate with other languages, explore the world around us. When we did practice mindfulness, all our anxiety and stress will fade away because we choose to not feel lost at the moment. Each day needs to be cherished so that we can live off without too much expectation but still trying the best to come up with good results.



Mindfulness reminds us how great to be enjoying the flow of the present moment. we often forget how important to be awake and feel alive to lessen our fear and anxiety for certain reasons. I always remember how it always feels weird to learn about this through the years. Living with the moment is truly luxury. You don’t act anywhere to feel the belongingness with the world.

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Mindfulness in Traveling is very powerful yet gives countable quality moments that you can reminisce. Aside from being nostalgic, you can acquire new skills from being curious and good observant. We all need that in traveling. It takes a whole day in making great travel moments while being aware of the precious time we had made.

A sweet yet small quality time creates a beautiful wandering when you are lost in travel. No one has proven yet traveling is the best when it comes to allowing your self to be free and enjoy the present without worries. I could day. Mindfulness is still the best asset you can have while traveling.


  1. Taking a morning walk really helps. It may sound unrelated, but I agree taking a walk affects how we feel and how we think. It’s part of my morning routine as well, except for days when I have to stay up late because of work. 🙁

  2. I would take this as an important reminder for me. During the lockdown, I felt unmotivated, adding up that my bosses are exploiting my skills and making use of the pandemic as reason to slash 50% of my salary (even working at full time). One of my friends advised me to do some mindfulness exercises to keep at bay the looming depression.

  3. Truly, being mindful specially these days is hard to achieve as we subconsciously are stressed from this new normal. But thanks for this tips as i find this useful.


    Traveling gives us a lot of learnings in life, and I agree that this also helps us be appreciative of all things that surround us. While the pandemic is hindering us to do so, I can do some of the things you mentioned on your list. Being mindful is important in more broadened aspects.

  5. I love this read! I’ve been having a hard time to wake up early in the morning but when I do it’s the nicest feeling to feel the sunshine and a little bit heat on my skin.

  6. Meditation is also one of the key to mindfulness in travelling to see more and explore and experience things beyond the eye

  7. It’s interesting to find this blog post. I noticed a pattern where my mind would wander during my morning jogs and it would center on things that negatively affected the quality of my run. This morning, I was able to tune out a bit and my run was more enjoyable but I have more work to do when it comes to mindfulness. I think forcing the thoughts away only magnifys it so I had to learn to just focus on something else other than what was bothering me.

    Great post!

  8. This pandemic has caused a lot of people’s plans to be delayed and I just can’t help but ponder of all the uncertainties. Being mindful, is a good exercise of helping ourselves to see things in a lighter perspective, being able to adapt to this new normal and find ways to turn some negativity into positivity.

  9. Bagay sa akin itong post na ito… kailangan ko ngayon i-practice ang “Mindfulness’. Sa mga nakaraan araw anu-ano kasi naiisip ko at ang di maganda mga negative pa ang pumapasok sa isip ko kaya naman nakakastress. Salamat sa post na ito.

  10. I agree with all of these specially improving our lifestyle. Better shift to something that’s ‘healthy’ like eating more nutritious food, being active by doing exercises and meditation (there tons of video available online), and of course, avoiding vices that will weaken our immune system. Self care is truly our best friend during this trying time.

  11. Christian Foremost

    I feel like a walk or even seeing nature would be a great help in these chaotic times. But we can’t really do much of that in the city. We’re just stuck at home to do nothing. But yeah, i hope we can travel again. That would sounds really good

  12. Blair villanueva

    Even before this pandemic happened, I’m always being mindgul of my actions and decisions each time I travel. That’s why I don’t like travelling in a group coz not everyone in a group is mindful like me (or not at all) and they see me as KJ.

  13. Yung pagkakaron siguro ng daily routine para sa akin ang makakatulong maging mindful. Siguro hindi lang sa travel kundi habang nasa quarantine pa din tayo. Kasi if may daily routine ka hindi mo na maiisip na lumilipas na lang ang araw at magiging productive ka pa din.

  14. I believe mindfulness has something to do with our mental state. And I couldn’t agree more with your points, might as well solitude is one great help too. It will definitely help you recharge your brain once in while and to will help you think better.

  15. Mornign walks ang hindi ko nagagawa sa mga nalista mo, sayang nga gusto ko din talaga magmuni muni sa labas pero napakadaming cases ng covid sa lugar namin. Kaya nakakatakot din lumabas kung di naman kailangan. Kaya dinadaan ko na lang sa pag-iisip ng kung anong mga plano ko for the future

  16. These kinds of articles are very timely and helpful to the challenges we are facing this pandemic. It helps us internalize on what we can change in our mindset and ways of living.

    I love cooking this quarantine. It relieves my stress too.

  17. I love everything you mentioned on your blog but to tell you the truth, It’s always a challenge for me to cook my own meals at home especially with my work schedule. I have a very busy lifestyle and sometimes I doordash more than I cook and prepare meals at home! But I will still try my best to prepare it myself at home whenever I have time:)

  18. mindfulness in our everyday living is very important and should be practiced. one we make a habit of being mindful, it extends to our travels as well.

  19. Janella Herrera

    Simple morning walk is probably one of the best way to enjoy the place and be mindful of leaving your carbon footprint. Aside from the fact that you are enjoying your visit, you are also contributing to the environment.

  20. I go out once a week to get groceries. But my dogs and I hang out every morning in our backyard for some play time. My dogs need exercise as much as I do. As much as I love staying indoors, it’s nice to have some time outside to get fresh air. I also feel that as long as my dogs are happy, I’m happy, too. I guess that’s me being mindful 🙂

  21. Lovely post. It’s so true it’s hard at the moment to live in the present and in my view live the same monotonous life! Can’t wait to go back to travelling- maybe we will appreciate it even more?

    1. I’m really sure we’re all going to appreciate once more starting with small details we are experiencing right now. Thanks for reading!

  22. Thanks for sharing, getting out in to nature really helps to clear my thoughts too. I am very lucky to have a beautiful beach a few minutes walk from my home.

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