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Engage yourself with simple care

How do you engage yourself in a day: Be more productive is the best way to live a better life. In order to engage yourself need some partial effort that could bring much happiness during daily lifestyle .

Maybe yes or why not. All of us have different personalities, hobbies or interests. Many have distinguished opinion and beliefs that make unique yet special. One thing makes us same, WE ARE ALL HUMAN. We make a mistake and forgive and that is totally OKAY!

Have you ever thought of trying new things or adventures to make valuable time with family, friends, even yourself? Maybe yes. As human always wanted to have a company to rely on that sometimes forgot to deal with ourselves. A good company builds genuine and rare relationships. I might say it’s perfect to live your moment.

Right now, Right there. You always overthink random things. Once adulting can hit you so hard but it is just a way to make us more mature to handle things. It’s time to throw away negative thoughts, bring all the best of you.

Go forward and way to make the best version of YOU.

Every day is a beautiful journey these variation activities help you love yourself more.

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Read Books

Reading books is my one of most favorite hobby at all times. It brings so much little happiness in me and boosts my reading comprehension, daydream, creativity and even mental health.

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Learn new skills

In our lives, there’s is always can be right or wrong, Doesn’t it? It’s totally a life-long process to be find our purpose with can tun into passion. Learning new skills doesn’t need to be an expert., YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. Because a human skills can be improve in quality time with joy and excitement.

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Never lose hope for yourself. You are doing good dear.

Meet new people

Meeting people, make more memories is always together. There’s always two sides of it. don’t you know? Some we communicate through personal thing yet most of the with professional feeling which on how the great human relationships build.

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Go for adventures

You live only once cause It’s totally YOLO!

Take more risk, go out of the shell and wander the world with positive vibes while engage yourself to be more adventurous.

Traveling is my most favorites in life cause life is full of adventures which enhance our physical, emotional, mental health. Dealing in life with adventures is really extremely fun! Do it for more wonderful memories with no regrets.

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Be fearless

Be fearless as you can be in order to engage yourself.

Although, all of us have fears and traumas but it just once step at the time you can overcome it. In addition, it is better to face your fear than hiding in shallow wall. In past few years, I am also a scared-cat way back then along the way it changes me through all the whole experience and being optimistic. You can do it too! you just need to believe in yourself!

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23 thoughts on “Engage yourself with simple care”

  1. I absolutely love this post. I have been trying to teach my kids that they can do anything they put there mind to it and that you only live once. I try not to let them give up but try again a few times.

  2. These are really great tips! I have found myself a happier and more grounded person when I am able to read. Sometimes it’s a struggle to schedule it in, but it’s always worth it. Same with getting outside or adventuring. Thank you for sharing!

  3. No matter how busy I am, I always try to read for 30 mins before I fall asleep & I try to learn something new every week. Lovely post with really great insightful advices.

  4. ugh yes this is totally me ha – i gratitude journal to help me remind myself of what i am grateful for and i also read too 🙂

  5. I am a happy book reader and am always excited to find something new to read. Being a writer, I am always engaged when thinking of new ideas and writing them down! However, meeting new people is one of my favorite ways to pass time!

  6. This is a really great post, I feel like you’ve shared some really great tips. I love the overall positivity especially when you said that “You can do whatever you want!” I love that attitude and it’s so refreshing to see it in a blog post!

    1. All of these tips are really good. Reading is the thing I do most of the time when I’m relaxing!! I’m also trying to do different things – I’ve got a puzzle on the go and I’d also like to get back into dance and painting. I used to love doing watercolour painting. Travelling is something else I enjoy doing – it really makes you more open minded, and experiencing other cultures and languages is so important! This post really made me think about what I do in a day and how I should try to be more productive!!

  7. Thanks for some wonderful tips on how to engage with ourselves. We could benefit from becoming more productive.

  8. Mudpie Fridays

    love this topic! every single one of them is such an important thing that we should remember. Thanks so much for sharing

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