Everyone has their own Storyboard

Every person had given the gift of life in which could be a blessing if we look positively. Although we think this way, Negativity ruins the feelings that take us in the dark of our dreams, victories, compassion, etc. We always think for the worst in our small heads. That is okay cause we are a human living in our world. If we look at two sides of the story, I could say that Every person has a storyboard to tell.

They say life is dead without a blessing. It is quite not true because of our small wins. A small win is always near us. It has given us the time to have decisions to meet our goals in the continuous story of our movie. I believe LIFE IS A MOVIE and EVERY PERSON HAS A STORYBOARD. It is quite complicated when we compare it with a storyboard.

The storyboard is similar to Timeline. It is means “THE TIME OF OUR LIFE” same as our travel lifestyle. Every opportunity changes if we act with self-compassion and mindfulness. Without these two characteristics, we can’t never for a better lifestyle.

Regardless of what we experience each day in 365 days in a year. I could say, Even having a boring and dusky life you can change it no matter what happens. Just trust your belief in Him. Combining your actions with faith anything will set in fulfilling life. It is easier to say than doing something special right? You can still choose another way round and that follows your small steps for victory.

alt"Running to your storyboard"

I’m been contemplating what to do in my next chapter. I know a lot of you really does. We are still in the middle of the story of the year 2020. We have been through a lot in one day. More sacrifices have been doing to achieve your better life. I’m also on it. Even so, there’s no need to TRY, JUST DO IT case at the end of dawn, small efforts won’t betray you.

As the main character of your story, you have the power to change it. It’s always great to go with the flow slowly yet steadily rather than doing fast without limit. Sometimes doing it fast could lead to disappointments and self-hatred. This is not healthy for all of us, Just stay moving forward with directions and don’t let the fuel burn your dream fast.


The window is like doors in our arms. Everything we do to beat the defeats and struggles it starts with one window. Just like now, I often staring at the window in my room during the late afternoon. The shape of the window is similar to a box.

We let ourselves contain only insecurities and overthinking. We let our hearts get breakdown easily. You should try to open your window. In that way, you could see a big dream with small steps to keep going in your storyboard.

You can still fly like an airplane in the sky if you let your windows open with a big heart. When you let your windows opened, The story still unfolds. A lot of magical things could happen like in a movie you binge-watch. Movies are like a special form of our reality that bring us to another world. Nevertheless, the storyboard in a movie has hidden meaning like in our reality, own life, and storyboard.


Anything happens with a flow and that’s how our story goes through many scenes in our reality. Have you ever thought of the big picture yet? It’s your right time to get it to show what you got. We’re all different and all scenes supposed to be the path lane to get your dream more vivid. Don’t let your fears consume you. It is always great to be idealist rather doing unnecessarily expectations

Always remember it’s alright to have a big picture in your storyboard and that’s how you will eventually grow and learn many ways that could change your mindset. Through this, you could finally let go of the past by going into another level of your life goals in the present time. How long you suffered from doing what you love, there’s always a little bloom of light star that gives us plenty of shine through shadow.


A surrealistic dream is also one of the thousand choices we had when dealing with contemplating which right and wrong. It is just exactly how our minds and emotions controlling us that everything that happens is against our belief and no one could appreciate it.

alt="storyboard: woman standing"

Every scene happened in both movie and reality is the same. There are supporting roles and extras. When we are dealing with struggles we became extras. In that case, we cannot control our emotions, scenes, and many more. Despite being extra, we came to realized anything could be better and only happiness with taking us to our goals with one pray.

We have a director or writer in each story of movies. In life, we have our only creator, the more you believe, the more you’ll get a wonderful blessing you could ever have. All I wanna say is each storyboard of our reality hasn’t been completed by the creator so don’t lose hope and try to let you go of fears in wind.

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