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Fashion Footprint: Lessen Your Contribution

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Fashion footprint is come along with different generation we become today. It was once an invention that turns into society’s need which is Clothes, your daily essentials. So, Let’s start to bring awareness to How To Lessen Your Fashion Footprint.

Same as with Travel Footprint in becoming an invisible traveler, It was similar. Fashion Footprint is the amount of carbon print you have contributed to the environment. If you are into fast fashion, you’ll know every purchase to add one collection to your closet.

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Fashion is supposed to be fun and not intimidating, many others say. I agree. However, We tend to forget too much is not okay specifically, the way we treat the natural travel attractions, the whole environment.

Fashion is a circular movement that generates more carbon print than aviation in general. Due to its circular motion, you can find clothes anywhere you want around the world. It can be reproduced in many ways if you think more broadly and innovational. Just like the food chain, it was a cycle of production.

If you are ready to lessen your fashion footprint, You can start by doing this!

Tips To Lessen Your Contribution

Be a flexitarian today.

When you heard flexitarian, it sounds more like a yoga exercise. But then, it a bit different. The best step to lessen your fashion footprint, Be flexitarian Today. Flexitarian is the term used for consumers who prefer to extend their responsible choices in buying ethical clothes in practicing their sustainable living. Another description is semi-vegetarian consumers.

Being a flexitarian requires enough understanding, self-discipline, and simple direction to start your sustainability in purchasing clothes. It is a way to find good quality investing pieces rather than collecting every souvenir you bought during a trip. 

Avoid greenwashing programs

Greenwashing programs sound a little pushy on their own. Despite establishing greenwashing programs, it keeps a green marketing method. A marketing strategy to find potential eco-consumers buy their products for profit rather than boosting the environmental practices.

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false impression – check out the brand’s mission & vision

makes their product more environmentally sound – try to look up the brand’s main product if it’s eco-friendly

brand imagery impacts your eco-anxiety – check their brand’s logo and photos shared on their social platforms. Better check if they don’t stick to the eco-conscious way in terms of packaging.

Check out your Fashion Footprint percentage here.

Wear clothes until they wear out

The most simple yet crucial part of sustainably keep your clothes. If you do love fashion, you would probably want to have a new kind of trendy clothes every month, maybe you love to buy from your favorite celebrity’s fashion outlet. (I can’t deny I used to do it as well before). Clothes are like our second skin.  Without it, it brings the difficulty to cope up with other’s opinions to our inner bruises.

Wearing your clothes until they wear out is your option now. Many still like to stay at home and find peace of mind despite the difficult situation(not the typical introvert you all know); it is okay to do it as long you want to save more money for your post-pandemic travel. Yes, it is your responsible choice to keep your savings or travel fund alive and firm. 

Always check fashion garments or fabrics.

Always check fashion garments or fabrics used. Many rely on designs or trendy news accumulated in one spot in social media. After all, it was just one piece of information that has a domino effect in the fashion industry. When you learned to know the garments or fabrics that don’t contain toxic material to the environment, you’ll be an expert even you don’t have the formal exclusive class sessions of fashion.


Bamboo Microfibers, Hemp or Jute, Organic Cotton, Silk, Linen 

Switch to reusable home essentials

Switching to reusable home essentials is intimating for first-timers. Nevertheless, you are financially stable even in difficult times like now. Try to find the best alternative solution in a budget. Some of the reusable are mason jars, delivery packages, tin can containers, and many more. With simple dedication and resources to making it possible. 

Doing Your Part To Change Fashion’s Definition

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They say, “The new definition of Fashion is Pre-loved.” Do you agree? How many times did you browse up online and buying in haul in a day? Sale price is another factor you should consider spending your money on in your visualized fashion haul. The amount of money you spend doesn’t last for a year because you can do clothes swapping, donating your old clothes to the charity, etc. Better to check the future value until it lasts.

Before jumping to your rollercoaster purchasing mode in a month, you have the chance to lessen your fashion footprint easily. If you tend to overwhelm, try to learn small things about and apply them to your sustainable fashion practice. I swear you would realize how much it saves your savings and travel funds for local and international trips.

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