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In our everyday lives, we all see the difference in how fast the lifestyle can be in just one person. Many can happen in one space. The world has vastly changed into something we couldn’t even know, maybe for better or worse, just like in the fashion industry, now or never it doesn’t stay the same way.  Fast or Slow Fashion: Which one is better for you?

Although it became a habit and bring so much impact on your fashion culture, it is still not enough.

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Being back into fashion blog series, As what I’ve said in my previous blog about sustainable fashion, it is always to foresee the better expectation rather than just keep on buying unusable garments. Now, this is the ongoing topic in fashion. Could you see yourself better fit in Fast or Slow Fashion? How could it be so important to choose between them which makes yourself better fit in certain society?


No one has ever does so well in fashion but everyone has their own style

The difference between FAST & SLOW FASHION:

What is Fast Fashion?
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Fast fashion is the term used to describe clothing designs that move quickly from the catwalk to stores to meet new trends. Most fashion brands tend to keep with unchanging style with trends every year. For the word itself “fast” it doesn’t consume much of environment textiles. It keeps on reproducing, revamping new styles to stay up to date trendy concept.


You can stay up to date with trendy style

Cheap clothing with affordable price

More options for seasonal clothes


Produce environmental hazards (wastes)

It can be super toxic

Makes you more an implusive buyer

What is Slow Fashion?
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Slow Fashion is the antonym of Fast Fashion. It is the term used to describe preferring the long preparation on making new clothes for longevity. It focuses on the redesigning, rebuying on second-hand or vintage clothes which mostly has to do with the DIY concept in clothes.


Makes you become a better conscious consumer

It is all about buying less and choose well

Helps the world to have a sustainable environment


Sometimes it is time-consuming

Often makes you self-conscious

Limited access to boutiques

it’s not all about FASHION, it is about your own STYLE.

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If I will ever choose one, I’m no in between. I always choose to be in the MIDDLE. As a fashion lover, buying new clothes is really my habit every seasons which makes me more impulsive buyer but as time goes by, I’ve realized it’s not about the how many patterns, garments you have because it’s all about how to be more conscious consumer in a way you could help the environment more eco-friendly.

Which one are you more into FAST or SLOW FASHION, it is still in your hands but it always remembers being eco-friendly can make the world a better place to live in. Choose your signature style and flaunt it to the world.


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