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Favorite Filipino Cuisines with SOLO EXPRESS

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Filipinos are considered food lovers on kinds of occasions like birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, and even dining at one table in restaurants. That was true! I can’t deny it. Today, let me share two of the most Ultimate Favorite Filipino Cuisines with SOLO EXPRESS we eat since then. 

Carinderia is a Filipino term for small food stalls where you can see anywhere within the Philippines. It is a place where most commuters, employees, students come for a quick meal timely. You can eat various kinds of Filipino local cuisines here every week. You can look up their menu per week depending on your preference.

The classic Filipino cuisines that I will introduce are Ultimate Filipino Favorite Cuisines that you should try. It is two of the most local cuisines that we often paired up with rice and drinks depending on the occasion we hold in a year. These two local Filipino cuisines will surely make you love and embrace Filipino culture even more!

The newest opened online store where you can buy your ultimate favorite Filipino food is here! SOLO EXPRESS has launched their Pork Sisig and Bopis style as their first main dishes to introduce online that worth trying.


Pork sisig is a Filipino dish made of finely chopped pork. It originated in Pampanga (an island in Luzon Province in the Philippines). It is mainly has a pig head and chicken liver as its ingredients. The typical additives you would see. However, Solo Express’s Sisig has a little spiciness but still bearable for children to eat and chicharron(crispy fried pork belly). You can eat as an appetizer or main dish with rice.

alt="Favorite Filipino Cuisines: tasting pork sisig of solo xp"
alt="Favorite Filipin Cuisines: Pork Sisig from Solo Xp"

 Foodie Tip: It also has variations like adding mayonnaise, ketchup, eggs, even calamansi on the top . It will give the best taste during your meal. (I preferred adding unboiled eggs on top and soy sauce with calamansi, the perfect combo for me.)

PRICE: 160php (small size, good for 1 person)

265php (large size, good for 2-3persons)

What I like about their sisig is you can it isn’t salty like the usual sisig I always eat during meals. Aside from that, you can directly eat with condiments. It tastes so good! The spiciness is not too heavy, just a little bit portion of chili I love. But still, if you love spicy food, you can add more with your personal preference.


BOPIS is also consider as appetizer in the Philippines. It is a spicy Filipino dish made of small pieces of offal with pork lungs, spleen, with onions and garlic then simmered in vinegar. 

alt="Favorite Filipino Cuisines: bopis special of solo xp"

Solo XP’s Bopis has a sweet taste unlike the usual Bopis you will have in any carinderia in the Philippines that is spicy and has a bit salty taste and with a watery sauce. The texture isn’t watery. It blends well with rice. It is the first-ever sweet bopis I ever taste that suits my personal taste. I recommend it! 

PRICE: 120php per serving



I’ve share two Ultimate Filipino Favorite Cuisines. When I received the delivery package, I never thought it arrived so fast than I expected. The location is a bit too far from my house. I was expecting the delivery will be around two hours but not. The package is compact since you can stack it up at home for your home containers. 

alt="sitting pretty with Favorite Filipino Cuisines"

Taste: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Package: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Delivery:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Customer Service:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

alt="Favorite Filipino Cuisines: Pork Sisig & Bopis in plate"

The overall taste has a satisfying flavor. I’m sure it will satisfy your food cravings while at home with your family. Most Filipino cuisines usually serve in a warm hot pan. I was amazed that I received it as cool food came out from their refrigerator that is new to me. It was so real. I never thought it is possible with SOLO EXPRESS

I think the way they served it in frozen texture is pleasing since you don’t have to worry about the outcome of air accumulated while it is in hot condition dispatching your orders to another place in minutes and hours within your location.

 Foodie Tip: You can re-heat or store it again in your refrigerator anytime you want since it has no shelf duration.

They are also available on pick-up orders at Kapitolyo, Pasig & Cubao, Araneta, Quezon City

Check out their Official Facebook & Instagram Page.

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  1. wow – the dish looks absolutely amazing. I love the fact that people are turning more and more to delivery services. Thank you

    1. I’m also glad that delivery services are becoming common here unlike before. It’s more convenient after all 🙂

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