GCASH FOREST EVENT: Let’s build an evergreen life

GCash is very known as micropayment service that transforms the mobile phone into a virtual wallet for secure, fast, and convenient money transfer. And now, they just launch a new exciting “green” feature on the app which is “GCash Forest” which let the active users or subscribers plant virtual trees with a small action but have a greater impact for the environment.

The hottest issue in today’s world is climate change. Due to excessive changes in our environment not only people are affected but also our floras and faunas. These changes can more hazardous for all of us. As I always say in my previous blogs, Life is beautiful but every happening is not perfect in many ways. Everyday life rapidly changes as simple things surround us.

Recently around Metro Manila, there is a water interruption, regarding the issue most urban cities and rural towns are affected. Water is our daily need for every day. Right? So it’ kinda hard to adapt the situation due to extreme dry season happening in the Philippines.

alt="gcash forest: evergreen"

During my last attended event, before arriving, I’m not so sure of the quality products they present for the consumers but then the purpose has been reached out to me. It’s is very interesting and has a leverage influence to many like I am.

Among active users are really into social media nowadays. Most of them are just seeking for entertainment, educational, social relations by using different socials like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and etc.

So why not to try using the app for good? The answer is yes because anything is possible.

GCash users need to collect “green energy” by frequently using the app. Once you have enough green energy you can finally choose where to implant your trees at the Ipo Watershed. In a simple way, you do actions which can help the environment like cycling, ordering food, buying necessities.

alt="gcash forest collaboration"
A great collaboration between two partners.
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The platform is really a good start to implement people, not only in the Philippines but other Countries as well regarding real-life issues such as climate changes, biodiversity, and many others. The right time has come for you waking. I bet most of the nature lovers will definitely love this! How about the others?

alt="gcash forest: user"
A pioneer use of gcash app
alt="gcash forest"

Let’s try to build up once again good advocacy to many for a future generation like this. Let’s make a little action helps the nature being an evergreen throughout the years and create a long-term sustainability lifestyle.

Stay tuned on my next blog post.


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