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Growth Mindset: Grow From Good To Great Masterclass

Have you ever daydreaming? Filling your mind with messy thoughts? Been talking to yourself where you should do now? Don’t worry all people does that. It’s normal mostly during your adult life. Life is really a life-long process to live that dream. Most of the time we fail, we lose just to win the lifetime achievement. Change your growth mindset for self-assurance and future success.

As I’ve said in my previous blogs, in order to grow, you need to take the chances in your life. Sometimes you felt pressured to all the things you should be done for your growth mindset. Don’t let yourself feel obligated of things you think not yours. Furthermore, if you still feel stuck in between nowhere. I’m time for you to bring up your growth mindset for the future.

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An international TEDx speaker will be visiting the Philippines this August for  1-signature day “Grow From Good To Masterclass” workshop. See the few details about the event:


  • Session 1: The Success Mindset System
  • Session 2: How to implement the Success Mindset System, so that failure is not an option!


  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Handouts
  • Free Book from Drs. Joyce Carols

That was really interesting isn’t? No matter how you do or feel. THIS IS THE RIGHT FOR YOU TO REACH YOUR GROWTH MINDSET.

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Drs. Joyce Carols are the Founder and Owner of Enjoy EsC., a Business Development & Executive Coaching Company that offers Success Mindset & Diversity Programs in business and personal development and it carries the brand labels:,, and With a background in Psychology and Social Sciences at the University of Tilburg.

She has worked for well-known Fortune 500 Companies all over the world before she founded Enjoy EsC. Joyce is a strong believer in the power of our mind and diversity in all its facets. It is her mission to empower leaders to adopt a Success Mindset to shatter their glass ceiling, embrace (their internal & external) diversity and show them a whole new ladder to grow from Good to Great so they can, achieve or overcome anything.

Her Mission estates here:

“I want to do all I can to inspire and empower as many people as possible in showing them that with a Success Mindset you can achieve, do or overcome anything and enjoy Every Minute Of their Life! I want to encourage them to have the audacity to follow their passion, their dreams, and their intuition and coach them on how to balance their professional success with their personal energy, positivity strength, and happiness!” – Joyce Carols xxx

Are you interested? It’s time for you to grow from good to great! Hurry up cause the seats are limited! STARTS NOW!

For further details, you can visit the event page here.

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