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Handkerchief as an Accessory is Timeless

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No matter year you are in, no would probably try to do it your style like me. A Handkerchief is mainly for personal hygiene or etiquette itself as per in dictionary in general. However, the fashion scene is different. The word “handkerchief” has its meaning. Let’s take a look at its surprisingly two syllables in one sentence. Sound interesting, right? Handkerchief as an Accessory is Timeless. Do you agree?

HAND+KERCHIEF= handkerchief
The last word caught my eye for fashion meaning. That one handkerchief we always bringing in school can be used in many ways. The Kerchief is from an old French word, “couvrechief,” which means bandana(cover head). If we combined the two syllables, it generally has two meanings. Hand carry accessory and use as covering your head as “bandana.”

Bandana is always what we were, hear in the first step from using it as a fashion accessory. Aside from that, it is considered an iconic fashion accessory until today. Just make a triangular shape in the handkerchief, then fold it how many as you like. As for me, I fold it 3-4 times to fit my small oval face. After that, make a knot at the middle at the back then you’re done.

alt="handkerchief: bandana style"

But still, as we look on the creative side, you can use a handkerchief as your accessory for a lifetime. That’s how amazing you have in sustainable fashion in your area. I will share easy ways to flaunt your simple handkerchief as an accessory in your daily routine. Okay, let’s start!

It’s super easy. You can do it for four seasons in your country.

Fun fact: originated in India. Best when used with street summer style


Handkerchief as bag tag doesn’t mean you need to put your contact information in there. Most luggage, just like your shoulder bag, quite look boring if you use it every day on travel or occasions. If we like to add some fancy visuals, you need this.

alt="handkerchief as bagtag"

If you usually use dark and vivid colored bags, use a colorful one or a brilliant one to use as a bag accessory while lighted ones match dark-colored ones, brown shades, or nude tones.

Just roll up the handkerchief around one strap of your bag to make it more visible and pleasing to the eyes.

Fun fact: I always used this method during the summer season in my portrait photography


Girls will always need plenty of time to pamper their hair. If you belong to medium-length to long-length hair, this is for you. You can never get wrong in adding some extra features to your hair with one handkerchief.

alt="hair accesosry handkerchief"

First, try figuring out your hairstyle for a birthday, anniversary, fashion event, etc. Once you decide on your hairstyle, you can add up your handkerchief in the design. No matter how you want to have your hairstyle goals is easy. Just fold it like a bandana, flatten it up, look for the half part and start rolling it around the hair to have the extra design to look good in photos like this.

Fun fact: you can also upcycle your handkerchief as a hair clip or put it on a hairband depend on your style concept in a day.


alt="scarf neckerchief style"

Most people consider it as the supreme fashion during the winter days in four-season countries. Doing a scarf style in your daily look doesn’t mean you can’t bear the autumn or winter season. Use as a unique way of pulling off a European style or candid autumn outfit in the city.


This one became more trendy later when all of us became stuck at quarantine rules. That is one of my favorites, a handkerchief top. It’s super easy to make. Find your handkerchief in your closet. Some fabrics are silk, cotton, and many more. You can design it in your way in the below photo.

alt="crop top style inspo only"
photo from instagram accounts @wardrobeofsanjana, @shopsundayclothes

As we look in your daily routine, a handkerchief is super essential. Always use as a napkin to wipe out messed makeup, food stains, and many more. It was easy to say than taking action. But still, we can’t ever forget how useful one fabric like a handkerchief has done to our daily lifestyle.

Handkerchief made for shift movement. Shift to more sustainability than the quantity you need in your house. It will always consider iconic no matter how many trendy travel essentials you need to have in the next few years.

7 thoughts on “Handkerchief as an Accessory is Timeless”

  1. These are great ways to use a handkerchief! I havenโ€™t tried using it as a hair accessory / hair tie.. but will definitely do next time. It adds a unique style to any hairstyle! Thanks for sharing this post! ๐Ÿฅฐ

  2. aba! one way or another i was able to use my hanky as anyof these. lately i have this nice scarf, square sya eh parang giant hanky.. what i wanted to do is parang gawing tapestry. ang ganda kasi fabric pa lang. kaso wala ako masabitan haha!!!

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