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How I Learned A Foreign Language

How I Learned A Foreign Language, my journey on studying other world speech. It’s been a lifetime goal. Furthermore, These motivational tips will keep you motivated while studying a new human skill. We want to get into the fluent level, Right? Here it is!

Studying is very challenging yet so fun!

  1. Find an ideal website/app to start your journey
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Many of us are struggling with finding the right source of learning a new language which bound to do research on what are the best-recommended sites on your target goal which everyone can do the search online in this modern society using smartphones and other gadgets. Later on, once in a while you can fully start a roller coaster learning.

List of recommended sites or phone apps to use: talktomeinkorean, Japanese Ammo with Misa,, Memrise, Lingodeer, Babbel, Vidalingua

2. Immerse yourself with the language and culture

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Listen to music or podcasts; read a book and news, watch TV shows and dramas in that specific language you learning. This could increase the understanding and respect of the country’s culture.

It will lead you to fluency because the more you get used to it, the more get familiar in forming sentences, speaking tone and cultural aspects.

3. Get a dedicated journal

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Write daily, loosen up your mind and start thinking in that manner. This might improve your passive skills which are listening and writing. This is the best way to improve your vocabulary and limit your mistakes.

Quite convince yet? There’s two and last important part of studying new language.

4. Lip shadowing

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Lip shadowing has benefits. Try to listen and speak the word you heard. Most bilingual and multilingual use this technique to understand their nonnative language more and also you should also try to observe native speakers’ gestures and intonation while speaking.

Speaking to yourself is also one of the great tips to know the accent of your target language.

5. Find a language partner/buddy

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It has been one of the influential learning processes to boost your skills. Start looking for a pen pal might form great friendships and online trust or maybe both of you could exchanges topics and ideas to form a consistent and interesting study. Start helping each other to move on to the advanced skills that you ever dream of!

List of recommended apps for a language exchange: HelloTalk, Tandem, HiNative, Itaiki

See you on my next blog post.


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