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Invisible Traveler Guide: How To Become One

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Being an invisible tourist is still possible. There are ways to prove that you can be more than Tourist. A Beginner Guide: Tips to become an Invisible Traveler is for you!

Invisible Tourist doesn’t always mean you need to be away from the crowd or practice social distancing. Invisible Tourist can mean that you are a frequent traveler or wants to see more than behind the camera. It could be mean that you are still achieving the life of being a traveler in your ways.

As a traveler, we tend to rely on what we have read, heard or seen about one travel destination. In that case, we feel overwhelmed with unexpected excitement whenever we come up with a vision of making a footprint in that dream place of yours! It became more mainstream. The underrated destinations have forgotten for all years of your travel adventures. So today, Let’s refresh your mind and take another step to become an invisible traveler.


Have a Travel Road Map.

From point A to point B is the particular point that every traveler should know. Travel Road map comes first in every step you will take further of your travel adventures. Without it, it is still enjoyable. Nevertheless, you have your travel provider to give all the incentives you want in your travel schedule.

alt="Invisible Traveler: Have aa Trvel Road Map"

-You can have your options

-You have control over your plans

-Saves more money

Having a roadmap doesn’t only rely on planning. It is the outcome or travel goal you want to achieve in your adventures. A travel roadmap is like a travel vision board where you can put all your task/goals in different locations you want to visit. 

Blend in local culture

Blending to the locals isn’t easy. Nevertheless, you can speak like a native speaker in that particular location, as an invisible tourist. The crucial part for everyone because the language barrier is the real thing. However, you can change much better if you start learning the basics of spoken languages before your trip. Read my language study tips.

You can also blend with the natives by trying out the best-selling cuisine or street food depends on your preferences. Culture is also part of this. Understanding their cultural aspect brings more humanity and respect to one another.

Do unusual experience 

Doing one travel goal outside of your comfort zone will bring you the confidence you never felt in your life. Taking steps further is risky yet full of learning. Check out these skills you can learn via traveling. Every experience has its reason to make your feel human each time you connect with unusual activity (like asking local in the street, ordering food you haven’t eaten, traveling solo somewhere and many more)

alt="Invisible Traveler: Do unusual experience"

Unusual experiences feel fresh and new to you if you feel uncomfortable. It can be social anxiety that always led you to feel more embarrassed. To remove all that fear you keep stuck in your head. First, you need to overcome social anxiety by letting yourself feel the freedom and peace to self-focus. Remember the feeling of euphoria when you do travel to every city. Eventually, it will make you more than proud to face your fear with small happiness(like meeting local people, eating in front of many people(there are just walking to their destination) or trying some massive leisure activities in your bucketlist.

Make Less Travel Footprint

Travel Footprint is becoming more common. Traveling to another place can be intimidating because of a lack of knowledge about the culture or missing directions. Travel Footprint means the footprint you left behind on a surface or ground of one destination you’ve been. To think, it was great because you are not deforming nature. Nevertheless, you have to bring up all the habits you never known might be the case to have climate change.



Using plastic is harmful. It can end up in the landfill or ocean with proper waste segregation. Aside from that, it can last up to 500-800 years that said to be the next generations’ all-time footprint have used up the time we aren’t aware of the small actions that led to being harmful to everyone (physical health & naturally formed destinations)

Practice Slow travel. Slow travel is still out there. We don’t see it because we are all focusing on what we always do (like traveling by air, motorcycling, etc.) Traveling by air bring carbon print everywhere since it passes by the wind from one place to another. But still, the best option to choose if you want to go abroad faster for your appointment or as a leisure traveler.


alt="Invisible Traveler: Traveling by Train"

If you wanted to practice slow travel, find resources transport going from one city to another several hour by train. The train is the best option to experience. It feels vintage with just the right amount of traveling experience you can have in riding a train in a day like in your favorite classic movies. It includes Swiss Train Map, Japan, Turkey, Train in Germany, and many more.


Being an invisible tourist is becoming more common and Each person has their routine that makes their travel more exciting and memorable. Contrasting habits are good. It means you are not relying upon someone as a guard at your own pace. Having an open mind is the key to its purpose. 

You can travel with a purpose by pleasing yourself to become who you truly want to be. It keeps you growing to be more confident in traveling in every sense of a traveler.

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  1. Nowadays, tourist places are so overcrowded that it has killed the joy of visiting them. Especially nature spots like waterfalls, hill stations, and gardens. Besides that, I loved your idea of traveling slow. It is crucial to enjoying a place to its fullest rather than trying to cover many places together.

  2. Great post. I love travelling and experiencing new things, but we need to protect the planet for future generations…and all other species!

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