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Japanese Cuisine: Sushi Recipe Ideas

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Japanese Cooking methods have been popular around the world. Due to their consistent organic food recipes began in their history footprints, no one could deny they have not heard or tasted it before. As for your love, for trying different cuisines like Sushi, it became a worldwide sensation that everybody knows why Sushi, always served in Japanese table. Here is the list of Japanese Cooking: Sushi Recipes Ideas for you.

Regarding that, it became Japan’s national commodity until now. During the history of war around the world, Sushi boosts the economy and nationality of every Japanese people. Also, the most why they love preserving their culture and share it with others.

If you love Sushi, soy sauce is always the best condiment partner all the time. Kikkoman(Japanese soy sauce) is highly recommended for those wants to go vegan. Also, to achieve lean, fitness and build more muscle. To get started, choose Japanese Cooking: Sushi Recipe Ideas to do at home.

Sushi Bowl

Most of the time, we might feel demotivated in preparing sushi roll due to a lack of ingredients, time, or idea of how to do the right way of cooking. Despite that feeling, you can create your own DIY Sushi Recipe even without the bamboo sushi kit that you always see in Japanese Cooking restaurants, Jdramas, or in the street of Japan.

Try Sushi Bowl, turn that classic maki sushi into a rice bowl or donburi, super easy and convenient to make between busy schedules.

Futomaki Roll (巻まき)

Futomaki roll is considered the classic sushi roll method. It was a bit thicker than the Hosomaki roll. Often served during festivity events, holiday vacations, bento, and potluck all year round. However, there is another name for Futomaki, the day when it turns into Ehomaki.

Ehomaki is like a burrito, often eaten uncut. Serve on February 3rd called “Setsubun” or lucky direction roll festival. (the beginning day of spring in Japan.). 節分 (せつぶん – Setsubun) means seasonal division. It comes from the tradition of eating it facing towards the 恵方 (ehou) meaning lucky direction.

Sushi Burrito

Sushi Burrito or Sushirrito was found and invented by Peter Yen. The food craze burrito began again in the year 2016 in the take-out restaurants in New York. Japanese Cooking techniques combine with authentic Latin flavors that add a twist to all food tasting experiences in your travel. Check out the full recipe here.


Veggie Sushi Roll

One of the easiest and most recommend sushi rolls for vegan-diet enthusiasts. From its name, veggie, most of the ingredients are consist of vegetables or plant-based. The ultimate alternative if you are not; a fan of crab meat, Kani, fresh salmon, or tuna. Making one is interchangeable; you can use eggplant, avocado as your base ingredient or add your favorite veggies to ease your cravings with comfort.

Oshi Sushi Recipe (推し)

Most foreigners outside Japan have not tried this kind of Japanese Cooking; Oshi Sushi or Oshizushi is on-demand in Japan sushi restaurants, party and networking events, catering services in Osaka, part of the Kansai region. Oshi means box or pressed sushi. If you are bound to attend one, you will surely get to try Oshi Sushi. Texture has decorative and Creative pieces of pressed Mini Sushi.

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In addition, Oshi Sushi is an ancient method of preserving fish by packing it tightly in boxes with fermented rice. Every sushi master knows that they keep their form to the younger generation until today.


Japanese Cooking method has been through a lot of generations in Japan history. One thing that has not changed in these times is their cooking method. Due to ongoing trends, going vegan is becoming more common or changing eating habits into the healthier side. Eating Sushi is a great option to start right away. 

In addition, you can practice your DIY cooking method in making Sushi Roll at home. Aside from convenience, you will get to choose your flavors to add to your Japanese Cooking. Bamboo Sushi Kit is very affordable on your budget. The second alternative for rolls is to have your sushi brunch bowl after a workout or yoga session in a day to get a lean and fit body.

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