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LokaleTing Philippines: The Local Filipino Community App

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Hello again, Ladies! It’s already the second month of the year 2021. I know we’re still adapting to a new culture either; we say the new normal. Staying at home might sound boring to me. But then, last year has been a tough year. This month, I’m excited to share with you the newest digital online app that you need to check! LokaleTing Philippines: The Local Filipino Community App.

When I first heard about this digital online app. I’m sure that you would love it as I am. The first thing that caught my attention in using the app was the secondhand clothes they choose to promote and have in their app rather than sticking into fast fashion that we all know. 

You know that I love thrift fashion! That’s why I check out the app before you can navigate it.

WHAT IS LokaleTing Philippines?

The app is about supporting local businesses of goods, services, and organizations, making them visible and searchable in their local community. The purpose of the app it to be a tool for exploring and discover local businesses by location. It was launch in last October 2020 in the Philippines. The main office is in Norway. The app LokaleTing Philippines is operated by a company named Global Digital Media.

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THE BENEFITS OF USING THE LokaleTing Philippines: The Local Community App

It can help the local community

The purpose of the LokaleTing Philippines, the digital online app, is to help each other locally despite the worldwide world experiencing. It allows applies in my community in your area. I think this will be a good start helping each other’s hands instead of competition. A friendly competition starts with help each other grow in the form of the natural act of kindness

 It has a variety of options you can choose (like leisure activities, different cuisines, locally made handicrafts, services)

The app never disappoints me when it comes to delivering good options can find it directly in the search button. It showcases some of the local business you think you would love to try. I never thought they were featuring travel accommodations/activities that I would visit soon when the pandemic stopped until I navigate the app itself.

From Hotel/Staycation Accommodation to Food & Beverages such categories are included in the app.

Promotes sustainability in fashion

My most favorite and the best cheap option you can try out. Promoting sustainability in fashion is becoming more common. Secondhand clothes are the best option when you are short on cash. It also considering local goods and thrift fashion. You can directly add your list for buy or cloth swapping around your area.

“First of all, we need to be open-minded for 2ndHand things. When it comes to sustainable fashion. it is often a personal point of view that makes us want something brand new instead of wearing 2ndHands, that point of view is something we need to change :),” Kim Sรธrhus, IO/ Systems Integration manager of LokaleTing Philippines, said

Location Address: Hillevรฅgsveien 100. 4016 Stavanger

Checkout their Official Facebook & Instagram Page

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The Pros of LokaleTing Philippines

-You can register with or without your personal and business accounts

-Same is as good with other digital apps like Trivago, Klook, etc.

-You will get to know about the local community more.

-You can add your small business to look for your potential customers

-Easy navigation per cities and local provinces

The Cons of LokaleTing Philippines

-They are still upgrading the system to improve assistance

-Some places are not yet active in the app



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 This newest digital app reminds me of our simple interaction between the environment and society. There’s more in between the relationship of these two. As we keep moving in digitalized lifestyle, we also forget the importance of helping the environment with small actions like practicing a sustainable lifestyle with thrift fashion. Aside from that, you can use your own for longevity to lessen the garbage in the landfill.

You can travel, eat lots of food, shop however you want while doing a small part in the community, No need to be an expert. One can keep learning and achieve the zero-waste you ever wanted. The vision keeps our goal to help the local and its people in the door of a sustainable lifestyle mindset.

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