alt="My First Time Abroad: Myrtle Beach & New York"

My First Time Abroad: Myrtle Beach & New York

The first time, First memories

All of us could have many experiences to gain more strength to deal with life. However, we can only have that one moment, THE VERY FIRST TIME that grows our outside self.  Every first time might be good or some cases sadden happening encounter our first times. Like the first photo and first footstep when you were born, first love, the first dress you wore at an event, first travel abroad and so on.

I do believe during our FIRST TIMEs are incredibly special for all us. It doesn’t mean to be naive but the feeling of youthful days came across you as we grow. That feeling runs through your inner skin with dream and hope. Just like the sun with blue sky. Haha. I’m being like a poet? I guess not.

alt="My First Time Abroad: Narita Airport"
Narita Airport (Japan)

Let’s get started with my own journey!

MY FIRST TIME ABROAD is really very fun and exciting!  I have never felt being anxious about trying new things to build up myself portfolio for the future yet still having doubts about its way back before. That happened during my first internship during my university life. You know how it is like to be on your junior year and you are slightly having anxiety before graduation comes up. 

Myrtle Beach

alt="My First Time Abroad:"
Our apartment place during the internship
alt="My First Time Abroad"

Myrtle Beach  is a major tourist destination along the South Atlantic coast of South Carolina. It is widely known for its wide beaches, large selection of challenging golf links, excellent seafood restaurants, and outlet-style shopping activities.

Myrtle Beach is very memorable; The place was just a great place to visit for summer. I got to travel a lot while doing some part-time work and experience the American culture while New York is a bit higher than South Carolina, All I can say it is a really an amazing place to shop haha.  The night lights are really banging right in front of you and the climate is also cool.

New York

alt="New York Public Library"
In just first glance, I fell in love with the structure
alt="View from Brooklyn Bridge"
View from Brooklyn Bridge, New York

New York City is a center for media, culture, food, fashion, art, research, finance, and trade. It has one of the largest and most famous skylines on earth, dominated by the iconic Empire State Building.

There is always an upside and downside part of everything as you wanted to fly for your dream.  Sometimes you wanna give up and let go of everything just to stay in your foot. When you feel so down, shattered and restless of everything happening around you, you can’t just keep moving on to catch the red line of your achievement.


Note: No matter what you do, keep searching for the right time of ideal opportunity for yourself. Even life is harsh; you need to be bold and brave for real situations. KEEP DOING IT RIGHT,  WALK ON THE RIGHT PATH UNTIL YOU SUCCEED!
alt="Aerial view from Helicopter Experience"
Aerial view from Helicopter Experience

During the internship, I learned a lot about myself and to the real world outside of School’s four-corner room.  That short yet bittersweet moment is one I will cherish for life. You know why? Cause before I was so introverted because of my social anxiety disorder. No matter I do, I feel hopeless show my real self which happen to be one of my nature way back before but now I’m feeling inspired, positive and more competent whatever I do for myself and for others like you and maybe that’s one of the reasons I started blogging.

If you ever feel left out, It’s okay to cry to lessen the heartache. Don’t forget there is another day to give yourself a good reason to live to the fullest. Do you relate? Let me know your suggestions for my next blog post

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