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Overtourism: The Undeniable Impact

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Tourism has been part of our lives since we were born. In that case, tourism was already with you since the day you explore the world with little curiosity However, As tourism grows globally. It isn’t always perfect nor best. A global real problem continues with Overtourism. One big global issue takes part in all consequences. Today’s let’s talk about The Undeniable Impact of Overtourism.

There’s no much needed for explanation. Overtourism is always about having “too many”, too much” tourist in one specific location in all year, etc. 

Most cities or even popular tourist spots that experiencing it was always overloaded. As tourism rises, it became a serious and dangerous phenomenon exists around the world. How can we handle it and take great action for future travelers?

Overtourism doesn’t only rely on the people itself. There are so many reasons why this is happening. Some of that were: Lack of information, being too overwhelmed, ongoing mass technology usage and Excessive unmarked visitors and tourist, etc.

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How Overtourism takes part?


 The damage occurs when no one expected. Being too overwhelmed is one biggest factor that trigger. Let’s say you travel to enjoy and relax your mind but then lack of information somewhat happens to the point you just want to do whatever you want just to satisfy yourself without considering others.

 It affects our nature a lot. As of now, most popular tourist destinations have been treated badly and it is alarming. All travelers should be more knowledgeable about this. Everything happens shouldn’t be taken for granted for your own sake.


 Today’s technology is advanced to the fact anyone could have their photoshoot in one place. Despite that, Too much crowded is hard for photography enthusiasts to find the right angle or place to capture their travel moments. This is also a sign of having off-limits due to mass people coming over in one popular travel destination. If you can’t capture your precious moment, it will end up with frustration.


 I would always say MORE PEOPLE, MORE MEMORIES. However, it also applies to our global pollution. Whenever there are people around the city, more pollution made. The best example is throwing your trash in the right garbage area or making unnecessary actions that would affect the local place aside for your home country. 

As well as there are “ too many” people around you, unexpected arguments and human violence take part. Just like what happens in daily arguments with our boss.

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The city has a spatial amount of capacity handle but when things occur. It became overcrowded. Limited space is frustration because you can’t easily enjoy the amazing view. ALL YOU SEE AROUND IS PEOPLE LIKE YOU, TRAVELERS. There’s limited space in a certain area for you to see and that’s reasonable.

 Some top tourist spots to avoid because of Overtourism: Venice, Italy, Machu Picchu in Spain, Amsterdam, Reykjavik, Iceland, Nara Park, Japan, Bagan, Myanmar, Bali, Indonesia

 As you could see, most tourist attractions listed above are due to popularity. Most places included are part of the Top Travel Destination whole year global. However, it doesn’t occur in such places but also can happen in the future where no one holds.

Overtourism can be solved?

 Yes. It can be manageable. Good planning takes place first and action is needed. Working together is a must to create better tourism management. Overtourism is hard to combat but takes small steps with hope. Besides, this will be a big help for future generations. It’s always better to visit during off-seasons and focus more on sustainability.

A responsible traveler has a good impact on Overtourism. It could help many tourism spots to find a better solution and preserve natural habitats for Humans and animals. Let’s not focus on people but also animals because we are currently living in an ecosystem where every living thing has benefits to surviving the climate change due to over-tourism.

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16 thoughts on “Overtourism: The Undeniable Impact”

  1. There needs to be a balance between experiencing all of these wonders of the world and not overtourism. Crowds not only ruin an experience, but imagine the effect all of those people are having on the place of beauty. I am an early riser, so I beat the crowds, usually. But, some of the pictures I have seen are heartbreaking.

  2. We see the over tourism issue where we live in the Canadian Rockies. The absolute destruction and lack of respect for places is so sad to watch. Everyone trying to get that perfect Instagram picture and not even stopping to enjoy the location or take in their surroundings. There is so much ridiculousness around this, people treading on very fragile ecosystems, killing plants that may have taken 20 years to grow, etc. In recent years some places have had to be closed to public because of all of this damage. Before the advent of social media it was easy to enjoy these beautiful places, not so much anymore.

  3. Yes, this is a real issue that we should all be concerned about, especially in terms of pollution and how this damages the surrounding. We have to always respect the places we visit so that they will retain their beauty. Research and planning is super essential.

    1. Yes. The serious damages has been going since then. Thank you for reading. I hope we can be more mindful regarding this issue.

  4. Overtourism that caused by cheap airfares, high incomes, and social media photos. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed by the government. More tourists = more money but they do not realize that some tourists are ruining some popular destinations.

  5. tourism is great ano pero like what happened to our Boracay, it ends up damaged. buti na lang nag rehab tayo and it is now blossoming again. we as travelers should be responsible of everything we do when we travel.

  6. I’ve been to Japan last year. I’d suggest that people should visit places which are not so famous to enjoy their stay. I only spent two days in Tokyo. On other days, I just explored the small town of Kira Yoshida.

  7. discipline as always can be the best solution to any problem at stake. Over tourism especially here in PH really does exists, but if people learned and practice discipline then it will minimize the problem, who knows even the traffic in Edsa be minimize with everyone practicing discipline.

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