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Pinto Art Museum: Contemporary Art Gallery in Antipolo

Are you an art enthusiast? Or Looking for Santorini place-like for your Instagrammable photographs? Pinto Art Museum is the right place for you to visit.

Pintô Art Museum is an exhibition space and contemporary museum located in the Philippines’ historic pilgrimage city of Antipolo outside of Manila. The Pintô Art Museum presents rotating exhibitions of the foundation’s collection and oversees an adjacent gallery space that continues to exhibit and promote contemporary Filipino artists. The museum is housed in a complex designed by artist Antonio Leaño.

Look at those paintings! They’re really artistic!
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Today, I wasn’t solo. I’m with my good snapper(my cousin and aunt because sometimes being alone is kinda boring. Right? So anyways, We arrive there around 9 am. Therefore, as soon as, I made my first step from the Pintô, I really thought It was just a simple yet huge compact place with just an art exhibition but I was wrong.

It is located within a two-hectare botanical garden known as the Silangan Gardens, an ecological haven for the appreciation of local flora and fauna. The place is so nice which very ideal for the whole family, friends and even for couples. One hour of strolling around the place is not enough. Haha. However, you must bring a huge bottle of water to get dehydrated all the times.

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I love this castle! It looks magical ๐Ÿ™‚
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neon artworks in wall

·        Regular rate is Php 200.00

·        For students is Php 100.00

·        Senior citizens are Php 180.00

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Pinto Art Museum is also very popular shooting sites for weddings even during events by Filipino celebrities. My best tips are you must wear comfy clothes for you to enjoy the whole place, bring a handy or mirrorless camera to flaunt your OOTD, Make your day more memorable bring your squads to make it more special. Don’t bring a big backpack like what I did. It will put in the baggage area so all your personal necessities and utilities must be handy pack in order to keep it close.

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