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POEM REVIEW: ‘Borderless’ by Indrajeet Dasgupta’

Today, I will do a poem review from the book of Indrajeet Dasgupta’s ‘Borderless’. I always love all forms of art especially music and dance. No one can take that away from me! So now, let me share my thoughts about this pleasant and meaningful poem.

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I could see the main focus of this poem. As time goes by, everything has changed and maybe even in the future, many changes will still happen in just a short period of time. We are all capable of doing something which can be turned into an obsession, like in social media gaming.

My job isn’t just relying on social media but also staying connected with like-minded people, friends, family, and acquaintance. In these modern times, technology has been evolving in terms of gadgets, LED TVs, and the likes. It already made an impact on our lives because it made us more productive.

However, this beautiful and meaningful poem delivers a message that no matter what you do in life, you don’t need to rely on yourself always.  Remember you need to be grateful on what the Lord has given you – the ability to create a wonderful balanced life. He is always there to save you from being disheartened and from being vulnerable. Generally, He is truly our Savior from life’s challenges and obstacles.

How do you find the poem’s message? Do we have something in common? Sharing is caring, so don’t be afraid to speak your mind because there is no right or wrong with this!

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