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PopstarPH: What’s Poppin’? 1st Anniversary

There is always a joy with the first times. A late blog to cover but Late is BETTER than NEVER. Do you know PopstarPH: What’s Poppin’? I attended last July 25, 2019, the 1st ever Anniversary of PopstarPH.

When I opened my email to check the new message my heart bumps up at a high rate. I’m so excited and can’t help it. I read the invitation for What’s Poppin’s PopstarPH 1st ever Anniversary! I’m gonna say this golden opportunity influencer’s platform has been a great choice for me to join! It’s not for fame but to share a fruitful yet positive influence for others which I’m been doing for almost three months.

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Food buffet for foodies like me
alt="PopstarPH: Event Gathering"

alt="PopstarPH: 1st Anniversary Event"
alt="PopstarPH: Fall in line for fun event booths"
Fall in line for event booths

The event venue is so cozy and memorable. The theme is White OOTD. I’m really not fond of white clothes cause the can be so rusty and dirty once it got connected with fine dust. However, I give it-all go to flaunt and try this White OOTD which is the simple yet cheeky look. I just wore a cute yet refined look to get along with the event’s motif.

alt="PopstarPH: Tote bag and stickers"
Freebies that we got during the anniversary event

The event was very fascinating because there are 14 upright brands featured, some of them were: TravelGo, Sassa, TheSuperfoodGrocer, Tochi Dessert, and many more. There are some brands that I looked up to collab with soon. Those brands really caught my attention during the fun event. So you want to know it all? I know you want. Let’s begin!

Lastly, Hot Box! Do you know Hot Box? It’s my first time hearing this. Generally, not all box is hot. Haha. This amazing yet convenient hot box for your choice is here!  This effortless lunch box is for you. Let me share my review, I guess all of us loves to eat. Are you a foodie? Cause I am. When traveling, food can’t be forgotten.  You love to travel, I assure you so will love this HOTBOX too!

The package kinda looks like a shoe box, doesn’t it but it’s cute! At first, it was only cold food but once you pull out the ring on the right side of the box, you will be amazed cause your hotbox will literally create smog which could be the sign that your cold food is heating!

I would like to give thanks to PopstarPH team. It really was a nice opportunity to get experience an awesome yet interesting event and also to get closer with absolutely compelling brands, like-minded co-bloggers & vloggers to work with soon.

Stay tuned on my next blog post! Looking for more feature events like this. Click on this link.


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