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POSITIVE MIND & HEART: Optimistic wins everything

As time goes by, many people such as teens, career-finders, adults experiencing daily real-life struggles were pointing to self on which way to go to make the situation better. Every situation, every moment has a deeper meaning that hasn’t been unlocked for us to see. For positive mind and heart, Let’s keep on having a POSITIVE LIFE.

Life is so ironic. Really, isn’t it?

Every day we keep pushing through something we wish to accomplish. No matter what you think, you need to search for it for happiness. There’s another way around on how to stay positive in simple ways.

Do you want more? I will say YES! You definitely need this!

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No matter how hard life is, ALWAYS SMILE.  Smile to the world, nature, friends, co-workers and even to little things you have in this beautiful life. It removes your negativity. Being grateful is really a good step for you to not think negatively. Everything has a reason just like you as being human.

There’s a human class in a society where we belong but that’s how makes the world balanced. Without it being balanced, the world would big chaos all the time. There’s no challenges, no excitement, no light. Be grateful and learn to accept the slightest tough situations you’ve had to gain experience into a better person.

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Life is a competition. Do you agree? I agree but in a friendly way. You need to take care of yourself first to accomplish your life goal but also you need or give back the genuine actions for others with respect. Enjoy the competition cause, in the end, you will cherish one mistake you’ve made with the help of other real people.

Enjoy the moment, the competition, Let yourself accompanied with other people You must keep forward in life challenges because it makes us stronger more than we think as we before. Enjoying the Moment also implies with sad or worse situations. Maybe that sadden happening could be the reason for you to accept what life has to offer for you to grow.


There’s was a time we really feel guilty to say “no” to others especially to friends and family. Saying “NO” isn’t about the act of disagreement but to execute yourself on being natural on things you can’t do. This isn’t about yes or no game simply,  letting others know how you feel in many situations. Saying no is just an act of being humane that sometimes implies with your kindness.


In this world, many people have siblings and best pals. Maybe you consider yourself as an introvert, extrovert, asocial or whatever. You’re not alone. There times that you feel lonely in a negative way but try to change your thinking. Being solo is like you are strong enough to face your fears and try to learn from your mistakes.

Solo has good quality time to learn about others. If you ever feel down, don’t forget there’s one, two or another person that needs you, your family, best friends and love ones. Think about that person when you are having a hard time with life. Try to turn the negative vibes into a positive one.


All people have strengths and weakness. You don’t need to try so hard on yourself, you just need to focus on things you really love! As I am, I also have many insecurities and hopeless in many ways. Strengths are already run in your blood since you were born. Weakness is just like a portion of yourself where your personality lies. In fact, weakness is really like strengths because without it you can’t never grow.

The more you focus on yourself more, the more you will realize your self-worth.

Are you ready to be a positive thinker? This is the right time to be one!

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