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Doing quarantine is new to everyone around the world. Aside from that, it affects a lot of days we usually do before a pandemic came. When I look at my past pictures, I’m reminiscing the good moments I had without wearing a mask, gloves, or body protection. Also, having a quality outside making socializing and free to travel. Let me share the outcome of quarantine year: things I learned.

Routines are changing when you are open to adapt to new things. However, habits became yours when you decide to keep them with you for a long time. The adapting stage this quarantine year is hard to let go of since I love traveling and experience new things outside.

But still, let change our mindset for a grateful better future.


Every self-care routine is different for everyone. But still, one thing for sure is self-care is for everyone. Practicing self-care can lessen your travel anxiety. There are four different ways of practicing self-care: PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, SPIRITUAL. When we combine these all together will become peaceful and have freedom from negativity.

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My recent favorite is taking good care of my skin, SKINCARE. Also, exercising. Practicing self-care is the same as knowing your worth and loving yourself as you are. You will realize how important you are. You don’t need anything else. Just stay calm and do your version of self-care.


Forgiving others is quite hard to do at first depends on the situation you had before. But still, Forgiving yourself is the best option to move forward in life. Remember that our emotions are always valid and need acceptance to change into a better version of ourselves.

“It’s always been the easiest part rather than forgiving someone else,” that’s for sure. Will you think? It causes a little debation inside our heads. “we’re aren’t enough to do something good or being too good.” Who doesn’t?

We are all human making mistakes and considering a fruitful lesson lessen the burden in our hearts and let it go with your next year goals and personal wish.


“Intensive workouts are exclusively for having body fat.” is just for big bodies that want to remove their body fat. I will say yes to do this. Workouts aren’t just for bodybuilders. The real mission for exercise is to maintain our body fit and healthy. Weekly exertion is best for beginners or busy-people out there.

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Despite regular exercising, Only 20% of that is going to change your body size. That’s the best way to achieve your body goals while eating healthy food while watching your favorite K-drama or Netflix movie. In this way, it’s two-way beauty gain. Doing exercise and have a stable mind daily.


Since quarantine started, it’s hard to find leisure at home. We discover new hidden talents that we think we don’t have at all. Learning a creative hobby such as adult crafts, home gardening, home cooking is perfect for home quarantine even without wifi.

I’ve instead of arguing with my head(I know you have experienced it too). It’s always to step ahead of your self-rejection. See the light in unfearing the “UNCHANGING” habits you for all past years. In this case, you will find out what will be the best time to act in mastering new skills for your future asset.

Saving money, time, and investing in yourself is the way to enhance your hidden in-born talent.


Switch to Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Since the world is quite damaging to carbon-based products that use for daily essential kits of people. Regarding this, an important lesson that I learned. Starting this December, I remembered how and what is the impact of proper waste, especially when traveling.

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Even now and then, we can’t admit how many times we did human waste that affects our health, the places we’ve been to, and lastly, the next generations. It’s probably the best choice. I will do it for the rest of my life and hope you will too. (I just started this on the first week of December 2020)



Different kinds of new habits that turn into ability. I wanted to say. We all did great in dealing with this kind of unexpected routine. The whole year of 2020 gives us the time to reflect. Analyzes every good and bad point in the past. The foremost is to teach us that we all have a purpose. It takes the ideal time to realize that.

This quarantine year gives us the real meaning that it’s okay not to be okay. We lose to win and are taken aback by worries in making precious moments with family and friends in travel. You can let it pass.ย 

Do a start-up business., Plan it well and choose a wise decision.

Achieve your fluent level in a short time! Learn a new language. (That’s what I did)

These are simple yet encouraging us to keep moving despite no travel activity. After all, it will improve yourself better while living a simple and prevail life. Cheers, everyone!


  1. Itโ€™s been a rough year and it is definitely okay not to be okay. I have done a lot of reflecting and even started my own business to keep afloat from being isolated at home. Great post!

  2. Acceptance din ano? I think kasi di tayo gagalaw kung hung up pa. like ako. di ako maka move on na di ako makakaalis. we were about to leave na kasi nun eh. as in 1 week na lang biglang nag lockdown. pero onti onti akong nag try na maaccept tapos ayun mas na enjoy ko na din being locked up at home.

  3. This year, I also focused on self-improvement. I finally got visible abs! Although I miss traveling, I discovered that there are so much things we can do at home. Have a great year ahead!

  4. This is exactly what I have done during this quarantine. And I totally agree with you. I have never felt better about myself. Started my own blog and the journey has been amazing. Learnt new recipes, dance fitness helped in weight loss and meditation helped in mental growth.

  5. Nice post! Daming mga lessons and reflections na nangyari sa akin habang quarantine. Maraming mga pagsubok na pinagdaanan pero dami din blessings na dapat ipagpasalamat.

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