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Reading Books changes your life

Books have been around the world and eventually maybe one of the most important tools for advance learning. Every child has books to learn new things and play around with the sound of little curiosity. So, today let’s see how big the impact of books and how reading books can change your life forever.

Books and novels are the same. There’s no comparison. As long as it has distinguished information that you can look for it is a book. The only novels make more magical is that lends you more in an imaginary world that play in our mind which where we want to belong and hoping for the best of our lives turn into more fancy yet idealistic.


You gain knowledge

The more words you read, the more information you will know. Ever since we were a child the first we learn is how to gain understanding by listening though reading bedtime books. Every book has enough information that you could use every day with a specific topic.

Exercises your Memory

Reading books is usually like a mind-game, cause it improves your focus, memorization, and creativity in certain imaginary location setting in novels. Exercise isn’t only about physical attributes but also in our mental health.  Sometimes having a good book is special rather than doing nothing. Reading can be fun. In this way, you can relax your mind even you are just sitting for one hour in a day. If you struggle to focus, reading can improve your attention span.

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Reading reduces stress level

I agree with this. Whenever you do in daily routines, there were so many times it doesn’t feel right. Anything could bring pressure for finding happiness. Reading books could let be our best friend for life. In addition, you read romance, comedy, thriller, contemporary novels just to ease your stress level. While you follow the story, it makes you creative yet dreamy on how the settings flow. In your mind, there’s only like a movie while reading novels.

It makes you more positive

Aside from stress-reliever; it makes you find happiness, happiness in little things. Positivity is really on your foot while you read, each word can make a great impact on your life. Simple sentences make you feel alive again, which also can be a motivation to pursue your dreams.

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Builds Self-esteem

Let say you are already a bibliophile, you’ve already read hundreds of books in just one year. It doesn’t make feel arrogant but it makes you more information each time you allocated new ideas for an ideal lifestyle. Using the details you apply, you can share it with everyone in this world because sharing is caring. It makes you feel great and could be an instrument to let others be inspired in just one great wisdom words to say.

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In the modern world, Technology has been more advanced to gain a fast environment. It is been useful to all of us, especially social media, cause you can search for all things around in the world in just seconds. Social media also allows us to communicate worldwide, particularly by language learners who are also very open to learning other cultures while traveling.

Although things have been changing so rapidly, Let’s take a quite blissful throwback when life with a book is simply happiness. In the end, no matter how fast the world runs you need to not forget the simple things are great things such books can bring you joy and drives your great purpose in life.

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