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Seoulgyupsal: Unlimited Cheap Eat in Antipolo

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More travelers looking for cheap deals and day by day it keeps being natural standards finding good unlimited restaurants. Once found the right dishes to ease your hunger after long hours of waiting, It just gives enough satisfaction. It is also another reason to keep coming back to taste again your favorite authentic Korean food. Seoulgyupsal is the best choice for having a budgeted meal in your local city.

Seoulgyupsal has finally opened its new branch in Antipolo City, Philippines. Samgyupsal has been the most in-demand authentic Korean dish since the Korean Culture boom during the 2010s. A lot of Filipinos love unlimited food especially rice that’s why they love to dine in another kind of restaurant that offers Samgyupsal. Nevertheless, they are a food lover, especially occasions.

We all know whenever there is a Korean Restaurant near your location, it probably only limited to Korean Dishes but not here in Seoulgyupsal. They also have Japanese dishes like sushi, deep fry shrimps, etc. to satisfy your cravings.

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 The location is very accessible to everyone. It is located inside the shopping mall named “IMALL ANTIPOLO” and a few walking distances to Antipolo Cathedral. Going there, you don’t have to worry much because a lot of tricycles are roaming around the area. The parking lot is also available to customers. You can also explore the beauty of the town. The whole place is in the heart of Antipolo.


In Seoulgyupsal, don’t always offer the standard formal food and drinks. It always has to be unlimited. One thing I love about this, you have more options to look for. From the main Korean dishes up to side dishes, everything is available like you can have your own Mukbang in just one sit. So does it brings the quote forever, “Once Unlimited, Always Unlimited” they say. It’s is always to have good expectations but not overwhelming.

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As far as I know this the best deal for cheap eats for budget travelers. Solo dining isn’t a pain cause afterward, you can directly bring it home to extend Korean food Mukbang with your family. Aside from Korean dishes, Japanese dishes are also here. Japanese Tempuras are going to be available in their branch, so better hurry up and come!


Unlimited 15 meat choices & Side Dishes

Best for Groups (just like what you see in Korean Dramas)

Japanese dishes are also available

Price is affordable and reasonable

You can have own your event for annual celebration (birthdays, family bonding, social gathering)

Food Recommendations:

We’re now down for recommendations. I always love trying new food outside my usual food upbringing culture as Filipino. The first dish you need to try here is the Spicy Samgyupsal. Spicy Samgyupsal isn’t spicy like the authentic Korean Kimchi but I wasn’t sad cause I can bear with enough spiciness included. This is good so far. All of you will also love it! The last authentic dish to try is California Maki. It is well blended with sauces.

alt="Korean Pork Belly"
alt="Japanese dish: California Maki"



Upon entering the area, I could say it better to dine in around early evening until late nights to make as part of a stress reliever after work, school or any routine you have in a day. Assigned staff will properly prepare the grill for your own awesome grill experience. No need to ask, just sit and wait for your orders and happy grill!

My rate is 4.5 out of 5. They have regular wooden chopsticks so it’s really to use than the metal one. However, the grill exhaust is kinda low and quite hard to assemble so you better seek assistance from staff. During weekends it would probably busy one. You must perfectly reserve one table for less hassle. If you don’t want to be left unattended, you can dine in for quick lunch any day if you want and always remember to bring your family or friends to make your day feel alive and positive even life is tough.

 Location Address: F. Manalo Street, Antipolo, Rizal

 Opening hours: 10 am- 2 am (Monday to Sunday)

 You can check out their Official Facebook Page

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