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Simple Ways To Start Sustainable Lifestyle

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For thousands of years, Living a simple and sustainable life feels so luxurious. Who doesn’t say it is. However, it can do in small steps. If you have the will to change your life even better, That’s good. Today, let me share the simple steps of why you should take one decision to break the unwanted essentials in your daily routine. Read these steps for Simple Ways To Start a Sustainable Lifestyle.

Having a simple life is effortless to do than sustainable living. Do you agree? Well, I agree. Not all have the time to make it much better than taking a chance. Nevertheless, you are born with enough investment to do whatever you want in life. Changing a lifestyle is a lot easier than you think. So, let’s try it in small, simple ways.

Take A Walk
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Taking a walk is easy and convenient if you hate taking expensive transportation in your city. Aside from it boost your health conditions and lessen the air pollution produce by many vehicles within one area.

The second option is riding a bike. However, riding a bicycle isn’t common here in the Philippines. Most of the time, commuters ride jeepneys or UV Express van way to their destinations.

It will be the first one you can do switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Take a walk around your small city is a good idea to appreciate the beauty of nature and practice mindfulness mainly during difficult times.

Change to Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is the new term for vintage kind of clothes or slow fashion. Sustainable fashion doesn’t rely on one set of fashion lifestyle but many different ways.

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Some people said, “That’s too expensive. I can’t afford to buy it.” Well, that’s okay. Everyone has their reasons and changes unexpectedly for later. When you do, “Sustainable Fashion” don’t look at the price because it not only for the upscale community to have that kind of clothes.

Rather than expensive clothes, you can choose many ways to contribute to the environment as well encourage others to create an impact to practice zero waste is better than the quantity you have even you love fashion a lot.

You can build up your clothes by upscaling them into thrift fashion. Let’s all remember there’s more in less.

Bring your eco-bag
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One of my favorites when it comes to shopping, ensuring everyone will love it too. Eco-bag is getting around the online shopping world. Many brands are switching to the vision of creating such canvas bags, tote bags, and multi-purpose bags that you can use for long months. It can be your travel bag, old repurposing bag, etc.

Eco-bags are currently widely used in some parts of the world. Many countries, practicing sustainable living to break free from plastic waste. That’s being said like: Canada, Japan, Netherlands, and many more. Bags that are considered reusable bags: Jute bags, Paper bags, Cotton canvas bags, etc. 

There’s a lot of choices. Take one small decision for a better future. Already used bags that you owned is the best choice for every shopper nowadays.

Secondhand gifts
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Secondhand gifts are the same as crafting “handmade gifts.” Anything that you can use from doing a simple yet thoughtful gift during holidays or occasions is right inside your home. Many eco-friendly enthusiasts use all the fabrics, ribbons, paper bags for packaging.

In addition to that, It is a lot cheaper but creates a special feeling for the receiver. You can balance out the quality time and crafted design you want to send over. You could go for vintage letters, making your leather keychain from used leather bags, cloth swapping, etc.

Buy less, Choose Well

A small investment is still the best option among the rest. Without it, you can never learn the basics of a sustainable lifestyle. Having enough time, a crafty mind, and money will be forever in your hands. Nevertheless, you spend a lot without branching out your mind on how to practice this kind of living. 

alt="buy les, choose well in sustainable lifestyle"

Big changes. Start small with an open mind. Buying less will never let you feel regretful. You can start up with personal hygiene or cleaning materials since we can’t go out still. Buy 1 out of your choices in food wares, clothes, household wares, and many more, create changes in mindset, delivering good positive effect for your overall health and even around the zero waste community.

Switching to a Sustainable Lifestyle

Living a Sustainable Lifestyle is still achievable. Big goals always start with small efforts. Always remember it’s okay to overwhelm from the start as long as you keep on learning what will the best choice in helping the environment. 

All of these are the reasons to enlighten everyone during these times. Sometimes, we forget a lot due to ongoing trends come and go. So, we try out as many things as possible. No matter what we do, it’s still a trial and error basis since everyone has the power to create a small luxury in buying less.

13 thoughts on “Simple Ways To Start Sustainable Lifestyle”

  1. Love this! A sustainable way of living is truly a choice that we can take. Iโ€™m also from the Philippines (but moved to Europe!) and your tips are great in showing that this kind of lifestyle is up to the person wherever in the world we may be, thank you for the wonderful article!

  2. I definitely need to improve in this area. This list will help me start working towards being better! Thanks for the post

  3. Still thinking how we can transition our lifestyle to a sustainable one. We walk a lot, we seldom take a cab or ride jeeps when we’re just in bgc or going to makati areas. We enjoy that a lot. We also do tiny living, so we really don’t keep too many stuff here. Kids also pass on their clothes to the next one and we accept second hand clothes from friends. Hmmm….I’ll think of ways to up our game.

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