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Small happiness is BEAUTIFUL

In a matter of life, We live in many options to be certain in the current lifestyle. But sometimes, too many options lead us to be not sure where we heading. That’s why being too broad in taking a wider road for your happiness could leave you being unlucky. Small Happiness is beautiful to everyone.

However, In full of many options, There are only two choices you can have. For better or worse, it is your choice.

Happiness sometimes included the simple emotions we are taking for granted because we all know it just happens to boundaries of mind running. Every day and night thinking for the best among the rest a life game. Game of sacrifice, hardship, success, personal or even your gratefulness is all happiness.

Dealing with happiness is difficult to explain because it doesn’t only need to have full of joy to walk forward the steps you wanted. You just need not overthink and be simple like one flower bloom in spring. Being simple not implies with your clothes, shoes, accessories or more. It delivers the message o focus on inside rather than outside.

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Today is International Happiness Day around the world. I love this day and I hope you as well. It reminds how important we are as a person. Once a smile could feel you better for major life choices cause if not it left unnoticeable. Happiness doesn’t always need your smile but also sadness. Sadness is the pure drops in our eye that makes us stronger from shallow feeling into a better lifestyle.


Gratefulness is the Key
One great thing that we need to consider, is gratefulness. Simple actions lead us to be thankful although there are choices heavy on your shoulders. We let our minds focus on unnecessary things that hold us back to live the life why always wanted affects our mental health and that’s very bad for all of us. Rather than focusing on the problem, We can be grateful thinking of happy thoughts. Always remember to be POSITIVE.


Small wins are your partner in life

Being successful is a big achievement for all of us. But in this time around, There’s no need to have big wins. It’s always considered to focus on your small wins first to let your mind relax and do your choices step by step until you reach the upper ground of small happiness. Small wins assure ourselves that no matter how we felt frustrated, We can go up and do small but surely it takes a minute to make your mind feel blessed. Every time you accomplish a task, IT’S A SMALL WIN.

Learning a new hobby, having a road trip to see the blue sea, making your food, reading books while it’s raining. These are small one but has a bigger impact on our lifestyles. Each one of these activities makes us a better person than ever. So hurry up keep collect your SMALL WINS.

Bad Scenarios circle around us
Bad Scenarios will be always everywhere. No matter how hard we try, it is always near us. It is a life tester to build our hope and sacrifice to meet our goals. Since I left the job that I hated, I realize something. Something that you can be proud of those times of sacrifice for your happiness. If you can’t make it, It’s okay to FAIL while trying your best time to be meet success. Failure doesn’t stop you from being the best you can be. Life could get better. So, Don’t be such an emotional. Learn how that mistake shapes our better self.

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It is been my nine-month since I started this wonderful journey with everyone. It’s something that deserves to be shared off. We already fall in Happiness Day. It’s time to celebrate your small happiness. Keep smiling!
We should never let our minds do control us. It isn’t all about how small or big that joy you have. Small happiness will always win. Make your time more accountable and enjoy the small happenings around you. In that case, you could be more grateful than you have to be.


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