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Sustainable Clothing Pieces To Invest

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Investing in sustainable fashion outfits might sound expensive if you don’t know the concept or tips to turn yourself into a sustainable fashionista. The very first step is to find resources for your DIY or thrift fashion project. Now, let me share some goodies you can check out. The Sustainable Clothing Pieces To Invest Today.

Clothing Pieces make us feel great despite overworked in a day to manage the stress to pick clothes for your trip, family gatherings, attending events, working from home, and daily comfy outfit. 

To make it more sustainable, you need to declutter your closet. Find your most favorites one for the clothes you haven’t worn since last year. It doesn’t need to be perfect long as you follow the baby steps. You are on the right track. 

Sustainable Clothing Pieces To Invest


Oversized or baggy tees are the best option if you want your clothes to last up to 2-3 years. You can pair up with shorts or shirts depending on your style. 


Crop tops have been in the fashion industry way back in 2015. It changes the whole fashion trends even now. Crop tops are easy to wear. It is also highly recommended if you love wearing high waist shorts or denim jeans.

Also, many trends are circulating right now. Crop tops already add dimension to your style. It can be tailored pants, buttoned skirts, etc.


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My most favorite one is Boyfriend Blazer. It could add a more semi-professional look attending meetings personally and online. If you try to have this kind of clothing piece, you will rock it with your daily comfy clothes without removing it from your list of outfits at home with clients or potential investors.


Charismatic designs of printed blazed is a way to share your style with anyone during the trip, online meetings, and events. It adds a bit of classy style and spirit freedom.


Silk is your favorite bet to have in your wardrobe and home essentials. You can invest in silk in both ways. Use it like a pillowcase cover, pajamas, and even as comforters. Due to its lightweight and hypoallergenic texture, you can never go wrong with silk. It also promotes luxury quality that good for your health and environment.


Linen is sustainable. Almost all you use at home as homeware covers. Aside from that, you would see it as tote bags. The garment used to make shorts or skirts as wearable art due to upcycling thrift fashion.


When you heard classic clothing pieces, you are probably thinking of a vintage look. Classic Tailoring is one of the trendy tailoring designs in Seoul recently. Most models or artists have worn ear it during Seoul Fashion Week and other events or collaborations.ย 

Despite being the most trendy clothing piece, it is sustainable if you choose well rather than focusing on the quantity wants to keep updated to upcoming trends. It was interrelated to vintage look which you can achieve this look if you try to match out clothes in a uniform way.


Patchwork is the most wanted concept of the most sustainable or ethical designer or stylists in this fashion generation. Patchwork acquires hard work if you love DIY thrifting or tailoring your garments to make them more fashionable. 

I recommend this to all aspiring sustainable fashionistas because repairing clothes is the most effective one to save money and creatively design your outfit. You can also share your designs with the community.

Choose your Sustainable Clothing Pieces

alt="Choose Your Sustainable Clothing Pieces"

When choosing, better check out the available pieces before turning on your creative mind. Always consider the big picture upon choosing exclusive clothing pieces to lessen fashion footprint. Tops are always the one make your outfit go with your mood. So, you can trust your idea on this as well as saving your money.

Sustainable Outfits as Thrift Fashion or Pre-loved Fashion will always circle us because every people are looking for alternatives. Better investment acquires better options to save the environment from extreme drought.

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  1. Love the clothes and ideas of sustainable clothing pieces! I’ve been wanting to live more sustainably including what I wear, definitely taking some tips from this article!

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