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Tacorito: The Newest Mexican Grub in the North

Most travelers look for new kinds of foods to taste. No matter how unique it is. They are always ready to come back after their first-time bite. In addition, they would really prefer to eat a bunch of food delicacies. I would definitely say you must try Tacorito: The Newest Mexican Grub in the North

Tacorito is a basic family-friendly outlet that you can bring along your family for more tacos. You can also play some board games while eating provided by them. They also cater event-goers for food bazaar. Tacorito is one of those kinds of chic yet chill Mexican grub that you can look for in Quezon City, Philippines.

The Location

They opened their second branch in Malingap Central Food Hall. The location is perfect when you won’t make a quick stop while traveling because the whole place is air-conditioned and very known for being one of the food hubs in Metro Manila, Philippines. Besides, they also have a parking lot for daily customers.

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At first visit, you might get confused cause there are no available Jeepneys along the highway. The best thing to do is find a tricycle and taxi in order to get to the place or ask for delivery through foodpanda as well.

Before we get to the Food Recommendations, Get aside your expectations. The owner said they are still planning added up some twist soon! You better stay updated!


Food Menu and Recommendations:

Street Tacos – P 110

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These two pieces of hard-shell tacos are worth fighting for your craves! You will love it because of too much crispness just what you are looking for a good comfort food

Quattro Tacos – P 175

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Do you want more tacos? This is really a great option for long dining. If two pieces aren’t enough, go for Quattro Tacos. This is perfect for a long afternoon when you wanna go ride around the city.

Burritos- P 85

It has many options to try and each burrito has a distinct flavor that you will never hide so it couldn’t be more than satisfied.

Flavors: chili Colorado, burgerritos, mexi-teri, chicken fajita, burrito bites

Jujurito Platter – P 350 (good for 3-5 persons)

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A group or buddy plate for everyone. The second plate isn’t enough, you can buy this at one dine in for your family and friends for fantastic comfort dining

Burito Bowl – P120

Another kind of burrito dish, for those who love rice, This is for you. The rice isn’t sticky but it was well combined with its flavored burrito fo you to try.

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Foodie Tip: You can get FREE TACOS every Tuesday! If you can’t go there on Tuesday, Don’t worry cause you can avail now the discounted price the details are included on my Facebook Page.


My rate is 4.5 out of 5.  It’s really the best option if you wanna beat you are crave with comfort food as well as having quality time with family and friends every lunch until night out. Tacorito doesn’t only cater to solos but groups as well. In fact, this is a nice try letting yourself eat another food outside your comfort zone. So, why not try this for fun experience?

The Location Address: 40 Malingap St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City
Opening hours: 9:00am – 8:00pm (Monday to Sunday)
You can check out here their Official Facebook or Zomato here.

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