• #SelfCareSunday with Elite Skin Perfection

    This was a Sunday event with a purpose. Everything that goes with self-motivational tips is on me!  A great event to gather your ears for self—care topic.  This mini event features the inspiring concept which is #SelfcareSunday”. Anytime in this world. Sunday is used to be “pampering day” which is also considered as “family day” to enjoy the precious time with loved ones. A lot of us still didn’t know the proper self-care. Why is SELF-CARE essential for you? I’m glad to share to you what happened last Sunday.  The mini-event talks about how we should practice self—care and also what their brand does for better self-care.  They said Self-care…

  • alt="tourist vs. traveler"

    TOURIST VS. TRAVELER: Which one are you?

    Throughout the years, many people tend to use descriptive words like tourist, traveler, wanderer and etc. In that one single word, you could determine what they are pertaining to. The main focus of this blog is to let you know that being a TRAVELER is the more exciting and splendid word to use rather being a TOURIST. Few people that are new to traveling prefer to call themselves as a tourist. What is TOURIST?  Tourist is a too limited word for me. Being a tourist, you tend to be dependent on what a tour package you had bought to live the travel you want to and having a tour guide…

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    A BIRTHDAY VLOG #AugustBaby

    Welcome back to my blog again! Just wanna what happened during my birthday! I feel like a kid again that day! Haha Anyways, I featured a nice yet cozy café and restaurant in my vlog. The place is “Yellow Lantern Café” You will see how much I love the ambiance I’m getting through the night. Until now, I’m having post-birthday depression. I miss it deeply but that’s normal! If you have any suggestions, just let me know for the next vlog series. Kindly like and subscribe to my youtube channel!

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    How I Learned A Foreign Language

    How I Learned A Foreign Language, my journey on studying other world speech. It’s been a lifetime goal. Furthermore, These motivational tips will keep you motivated while studying a new human skill. We want to get into the fluent level, Right? Here it is! Studying is very challenging yet so fun! Find an ideal website/app to start your journey Many of us are struggling with finding the right source of learning a new language which bound to do research on what are the best-recommended sites on your target goal which everyone can do the search online in this modern society using smartphones and other gadgets. Later on, once in a…

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    How do you engage yourself in a day?

    How do you engage yourself in a day: Be more productive is the best way to live a better life. In order to engage yourself need some partial effort that could bring much happiness during daily lifestyle . Maybe yes or why not. All of us have different personalities, hobbies or interests. Many have distinguished opinion and beliefs that make unique yet special. One thing makes us same, WE ARE ALL HUMAN. We make a mistake and forgive and that is totally OKAY! Have you ever thought of trying new things or adventures to make valuable time with family, friends, even yourself? Maybe yes. As human always wanted to have…