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    Tipsy Tales “Lambana” Immersive Theater

    Halloween isn’t over in this place. I know a lot of group of friends are always seeking entertainment to visit one Halloween Activity once in a while. Everyone has their own preference to pull out their stress by joining such activities especially weekends. This time around, A unique yet creative theatre concept is officially here in the Philippines. It’s time for you to grab your tickets at Tipsy Tales. When someone heard the word “Tipsy” is literally off when it comes to everyone because we always thinking of nightlife but This Tipsy Tales isn’t something like a chilling bar that you just need to sit back, watch and relax. 5…

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    A BIRTHDAY VLOG #AugustBaby

    Welcome back to my blog again! Just wanna share what happened during my birthday! I feel like a kid again that day! Haha Anyways, I featured a nice yet cozy café and restaurant in my vlog. The place is “Yellow Lantern Café” You will see how much I love the ambiance I’m getting through the night. Until now, I’m having post-birthday depression. I miss it deeply but that’s normal! If you have any suggestions, just let me know for the next vlog series. Kindly like and subscribe to my youtube channel!


    Have you been to Cloud 9 before? I know you are trying to figure out what is CLOUD 9? This is not just a simple sports and leisure club. It has a lot of services to offer and I’m a little bit surprised that the place is quite huge to walk on. Cloud 9 has a new face and is quickly improving every day. It is your next destination in Antipolo for barkadas (a group of friends or SQUAD) nights, relaxation, retreats, family bonding, seminars, and team building. It’s one of the most visited places in Antipolo, the Philippines yet felt so lucky to see this personally. Upon entering, two…