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Things To Do this World Environment Day

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World Environment Day falls on June 5th each year. A day of celebrating small actions done for the environment. In this way, we could remind ourselves about things that need to do in practicing sustainability and do it afterward for the future ahead. My co-blogger and I want to share Things To Do this World Environment Day.

Practicing Sustainability is quite an overwork for beginners. We experience it before. We know you are as well. Despite that, you can gain more in return.

How about starting today and inspire others to do it as well? Let’s hear from my guest blogger’s insights in switching to a minimal or eco-friendly lifestyle.

Personal insights from Jadeymonials

Every time I wash a lot of plastics being produced in our household (which I hate), I can’t help to feel demotivated sometimes. I asked myself, until when will I do this? I can’t even influence my family to at least minimize the use of plastics. 

That’s when I go back to my WHY. I am doing this so because I want to help to preserve the environment in my way.

Looking back, I never imagined myself wanting a minimal waste lifestyle. I like to collect stuff which makes it harder for me to let go of things even if I don’t use them anymore. I never even bother to check how much waste I was throwing in our trash can every time I conduct general cleaning of my things.

Until I found zero-waste communities on Facebook late last year. The members’ dedication and passion influenced me to start assessing myself and work on building this kind of lifestyle.


These are the following Things To Do this Environment Day (it could save more money and gain healthier benefits in return)

🌱 Bring eco-bags when I shop in groceries

🌱 Refuse disposable cutlery when ordering food outside.

🌱 Switched to shampoo, conditioner, and lotion bars. Very economical and life-changing!

🌱 Bid farewell to disposable sanitary pads and said hello to reusable ones. Modern pasador. 😊

🌱 Bought other refillable pieces of stuff such as dental floss, and handwash / all-purpose cleaner pods that dissolve in water.

🌱 Switched to a reusable razor. It may look expensive at first, but moving forward, you will just have to buy blades.

🌱 Reused tissue boxes and their core to organize my stuff.

🌱 Decluttered and donated some of my unused stuff in FB groups such as Anything to Declutter PH and Really Really Free Market Cavite. A man’s trash can be one’s treasure. 😊

🌱 Continuously donating at recycling organizations like The Plaf and Green Haven Scrap Materials Trading.

🌱 Actively participating in GCash’s G-Forest, wherein your transactions with the application can gain you points and enable you to plant trees! 😊 


Change doesn’t happen overnight. (I agree with a lot with this!)

I know I still have a lot to learn and do. But wouldn’t it be so nice if many people will also do small steps to make a greater impact on the environment? And consumers and producers/manufacturers will work together for a sustainable future? 

I have to admit too that this is not an easy journey. Especially if the people around you not being supportive of what you do. If that happens, always go back to your why. Find a support system, people with the same mindset. They will keep you going. 

Jade is an unknown introvert who is behind Jadeymonials. She uses her Facebook page to post reviews about food, stuff and Korean dramas. Eventually, she starts to share her personal advocacies in life such as minimal waste lifestyle and care for stray animals.


The concept is preventing our ecosystem from being damaged due to exploiting nature from personal greed. To keep this alive, coming together as one is essential. From locals to international communities can help re-healing our Mother Earth. Enhancing it through smaller healthy habits, re-create a vision to improve the livelihood and beat the climate change that we experience now.

As one of the Things To Do this World Environment Day, restoring ecosystem has been begun in other countries. It includes Frances, New Zealand, Colombia, Kenya, Pakistan, and many more. Now, let us build a sustainable community that leads us to a better future generation by future generations making small actions and personal growth. If are ready to take action, join and support this advocacy together.

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