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Tipsy Tales “Lambana” Immersive Theater

Halloween isn’t over in this place. I know a lot of group of friends are always seeking entertainment to visit one Halloween Activity once in a while. Everyone has their own preference to pull out their stress by joining such activities especially weekends. This time around, A unique yet creative theatre concept is officially here in the Philippines. It’s time for you to grab your tickets at Tipsy Tales.

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When someone heard the word “Tipsy” is literally off when it comes to everyone because we always thinking of nightlife but This Tipsy Tales isn’t something like a chilling bar that you just need to sit back, watch and relax.

5 reason to experience Tipsy Tales

1. It’s more than a Theater
No needto sit, No cliche movie. You can stand alone on your own during the whole hour with free snack taste

2. Your mind will blown
A perfect place bonding with friends. Besides you can create more memories with everyone inside the place. It’s all about Teamwork! You need to strategize your plan when dealing with the Immersive Tour you will get.
3. Learn more about Filipino Culture
There’s no limit when it comes to culture. Claiming a great and interesting information about one country is still the best! Come and understand a few insights about Filipino Culture

4. It’s very intriguing
Exciting yet very confusing. Your adrenaline will increase and nervousness is with you once you get in. It’s alright to be more curious!

5. It’s never enough
That 75 minutes long tour in different dimensions isn’t enough to get focus in the story you will belong to.

Opening hours: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM (DAILY)
Location: Eastwood Mall, 1110 Quezon City, Philippines
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Tipsy Tales is immersive entertainment – physical spaces turned into multi-sensory worlds for you to enjoy your own surreal adventure in with family and friends. The latest production transforms a mall space in Quezon City into the weird but wonderful world of Filipino Folklore.

This, Tipsy Tales “Lambana” Folklore Immersive Theater Experience is really great for you! A must try Immersive Folklore Theatre Experience that you shouldn’t miss with your squads! Everything is very impressive! No spoilers ahead. You need to see it with your naked eyes.

For more information, Check out their Official Facebook Page.

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