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There’s more in the outside world than we think. Travel struggles are just another step to keep us alive and learn from the best! All memories are bound to cherish even it’s a very embarrassing story. Don’t worry everyone can be related to this! Some travel struggles are really a good experience to become more well-educated during travels so let’s see what they’re on the list!


The most unacceptable happen during travel but before alarming yourself for the consequence. You need to be calm and try remembering the last place where did lose it or if still not found, seek help. Call for Securities of prepare for Affidavit of Loss. However, the best tip for this is make a copy of important documents before leaving.

Best Pro Tip: Always bring a handy body bag in order to keep your passports close to you at all times for safety and awareness.

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This two travel struggles are quite similar but quite confusing for most people but how to differ?

A flight delay is when an airline flight takes off and/or lands later than its scheduled time. I know that this always makes you feel vague for a moment.

Best Pro tip: read a book or stream online sites for movie marathon while waiting or write down you travel diaries

Missing a flight can one of the silly yet cute actions you did or encountered travel struggles while traveling. Do you agree?

There’s one story based from experience of a traveler. He had a long flight from South Korea to South Africa so he has so many flight stops and I think it’s 4. The first 3 connecting flights is good nothing unusual event happened but during the last flight to his destination, he arrive earlier than expected so he perfectly wait for few minutes before his flight, while waiting he decided to roam around for a minute and buy a spaghetti cause he is literally hungry and made a call with his pals and through his free time he forgot to check the clock and then he missed his flight to South Africa.

Best Pro tip: Ask the airline agent asap. Kindly ask if there’s you can get re-booked on the next available flight and with no extra charge. If  not, while purchasing your airfare must always check if there’s travel insurance in order for you to protected for your travel concerns.

Quite interesting, right? I know it is! I know all of us to have many happy yet embarrassing travel struggles story to share. Haha. It’s okay!
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Most of the first time travelers tend to pack and pack more clothes or necessities during travel. Most of the due to excess baggage, we made some personal things handy pack. After travel vacation, I know, you love to collect things or even buy things to show off for the next generations of your family. Not most of us are organizing with things but there’s a way to do this!

Best Pro tip: List at least 5 most of your need & want before shopping for your souvenir. Cross out the necessary things to not be so impulsive buyer. The maximum is you can just buy for yourself with 3 items. One is enough for one person if you planning to buy for your friends and family. At the end of the day, THE EXPERIENCE ITSELF IS THE BEST THING THAN ANYTHING ELSE!

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You might be a solo or a group traveler depends on your situations but both are really tedious when you travel for the first time in an unfamiliar place. So let’s say you got all your needs for your trip yet still do know what to do to have an amazing trip or memory to brag off to everyone.

Best Pro tip: Always try to calm down yourself. It’s okay to get worried for the first time. Let yourself loose for a while and get out of the box and take actions to get better with human connections. In this way, you can learn a few more things that no one can reclaim.

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The world is a culture—a diverse society. Doesn’t it? All through the years from schooling, they say English is the universal language but for me isn’t because there’s more with connecting with the world. You can use music, or even gestures and body languages. This might be the biggest struggle for all for us cause we all like to learn about cultures, food, and lifestyle from many countries.

Like what I experience in Hongkong, My family and I traveled for the first time together overseas and yes the struggle is there! We go to the night market and got a shopping spree for 4 hours and then suddenly we realized it’s getting late so we bump up for taxis around the areas to go back to our hotel but no can understand us even we spoke English.

Best Pro tip: It is better to prepare before your travel! You don’t need to be fluent in one day! Just casually learn the basic of language in the specific country you will visit during your vacations. Because it’s a lot easier to connect with the local citizens and lessen your anxiety. JUST DO IT AND HAVE FUN!

Looking for more tips to deal with travel struggles, visit this link.



    1. Geraline Batarra

      Great tips..! Struggle is real when it comes to being anxious while traveling.. Anxiety, panic attack or too much excitement can all be its reason. But you’ve made such a great tip.

  2. Great post! Some fab tips for travelling especially to someone like me who hasn’t done a whole lot of travelling x

  3. The language barrier can definitely be a difficult obstacle, particularly when solo travelling. I try to use an app like Rosetta Stone or Duolingo in order to learn the basic things I’ll need in order to navigate my way through the city.

  4. for me flight/train issues are the most frustrating. never had any other issues mentioned here. smile and desire to communicate resolves all the the issues. but I wouldn’t recommend to loose passport, like ever!

  5. I am heading over to Europe and the timing of your post is unreal! I am always petrified of reading the wrong date for my plane ticket so I am always relieved when I get to check-in

  6. These are great and helpful tips. I don’t have when it comes of forgetting things but language barrier is definitely a big struggles for me.

  7. These are some seriously great tips on how to avert travel struggles which everyone is sure to experience at some point.

  8. These struggles can really derail and entire trip. Thanks for helping us approach them calmly so we don’t ruin a whole trip because of some obstacles!

  9. Losing my passport is one of my worst nightmares. I’ve never lost it, but there have been moments where I’ve lost it in my bag and I get so worried! I always keep it in the same pocket of my bag now, so I never go through the stress of doing a bag dig!! I’ve never missed a flight – but I’ve had plenty of delayed ones – where I’ve worried that I’d miss a connecting one. I try to book flights with plenty of time in transit so that if a flight is delayed, I don’t need to worry about missing the connection!

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