TURMETAB LAUNCH EVENT: Defy your Limitations

Finally, Turmetab launch event is here! the first FDA approved food supplement launched already in the Philippines. Have you heard of Tumertab? This TURMERIC + PIPERPINE tablet can help you manage your brain health in terms of stress level. Let’s check it out!

What is Turmetab?

Turmetab is the only brand of turmeric in the Philippines that contains turmeric and piperine to combat stress, offers turmeric easy-to-take tablets, aiming to give Filipinos the vitality and solution to combat a range of ailments and stay at their physical and mental health.

Honestly, this my first time hearing Piperine but through mini-research Piperine is chili spice that goes well with black pepper while Tumeric is a golden spice that originated in Asia and South America. I’m quite not fond of black pepper but luckily, through this launch event, I learned once more about our health!

Looking for the benefits? Check this out!

TURMERIC + PIPERINE is the best combination. Why?

The Combination Boosts Health Benefits

  • Supports joint and muscle health
  • Boost brain health
  • Helps target multiple inflammatory diseases, including arthritis;
  • Overall anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant support
alt="turmetab launch event"
Mini discussion about knowing our stress level management

Cor-Marie Bacdayan, Group Product Manager of ‘Distriphil’ said: “Medical research has shown us the benefits of turmeric, and we are proud to bring Tumertab to Filipinos nationwide, The ability to do one’s best starts with one’s physical and mental health, and we are committed to helping the Filipinos defy limitations.”

This is really getting interesting! Don’t you feel it?

It blends well with stress level. I know, all of us has been feeling stressed when something didn’t go well for making everything worth for the experience. Generally, Turmetab aims to improve stress level management and brain health. Aside from benefits, there are also cons of taking risk of taking such supplements like this, it’s really much better to know the best product for you.

Upon attending such event, I am not gonna lie. Once again, I feel motivated and positive to take care of myself. I’m been into workouts lately and I will say that it is really important to push yourself for better health not only physical but also mentally and emotionally aware. There are always new beginnings and that is NOW to feel much better.

alt="turmetab launch event: pound fitness"
(photo by Mr. Mac Vasquez)
alt="turmetab launch event: pound fitness"
attending pound fitness (photo by Mr. Mac Vasquez)

I also got to join the pound fitness! I am a first-timer so it is really fun and also my stress mind just washed away during the activity and got to know a few people in the same interest as me. Mental health is really important. This is the right time to change your lifestyle into much better health.

alt="turmetab launch event: giveaways"

Have you been lately? Do you really manage your stress well? Stress is not only focusing on our mental health but also to our whole body health. Now, sit back and be healthy with just one tablet a day for more energized feeling! Work more defiantly and effectively with Turmetab!

Looking for lifestyle tips. Visit this link. Stay tuned for next blog series!


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