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What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable Fashion is currently the most debated and increasingly topic in today’s fashion industry. There’s no totally official definition. Sustainable fashion is thus partly about producing clothes, shoes, and accessories in environmentally and socio-economically sustainable manners, but also about more sustainable patterns of consumption and use, which necessitate shifts in individual attitudes and behavior.

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In today’s fashion industry, Many brand owners and consumers tend to look for something unusual style which can be more noticed by the fashion junkie people.  They always try and buy most of the things for everyday use.

Once it got rusted they sell it in a more cheaper way, give it to someone who could wear it which many clothes are getting piled at a landfill. It gives environmental hazard to our places just like waste which always produced.

Way back before I pretty sure most of us like to window shopping and try out new fashion collection from prestigious fashion brand but upon attending a free event hosted by Ms. Sheila, CEO of Fourth Co., I learned about this important session about sustainable fashion. Having too many clothes is okay but one should be more responsible in choosing the QUALITY over QUANTITY for awareness

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We need clothes every day, Right? Let’s strive to be more conscious of being sustainable. ACT NOW and FLAUNT YOUR STYLE LATER! Being conscious in a way that can help our environment is okay rather than in yourself. It’s time to reduce waste with sustainable fashion.

Let’s start with a clothing swap which is a good practice by borrowing from others. Secondhand clothes also deliver awareness and super sustainable solution for thrifty style. Lastly, Slow fashion is gone by the quality that could have a longtime life usage.

Do reformation, re/done, vintage style that fits you. No matter what we wear, it just a design to express yourself yet personality shapes the whole YOU.

For more fashion tips, visit this link for more info.


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