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Women are Irreplaceable #IAmGenderEquality

Women in history once became a girl. A girl enjoying her youth without circumstances just like in the life she belongs. Every action wasn’t a big deal. One simple action from her little hand was really cute to the point it became powerful. One gaze, one gesture, and one smile change the world we live in. In today’s Month Celebration. We are all celebrating International Women’s Day.

The day has come to reality. It’s the very first hearing about the Women’s History of the Month. It’s too late but should never neglect at all costs. A whole month of endearing attention to all women all the world in joining the campaign #IAmGenderEquality which stands for equal opportunities for both women and girls in diverse cultural society.


For all-over world, on this mark, March 8, 2020, is the 108 years since then when the first women months celebration began. In world history, women weren’t given the chance to rule the community that’s why a few female leaders only came for supporting such acts or women empowerment. The whole is Women’s Day. ALL YOU NEED TO REMEMBER, YOU ALSO HAVE A BEAUTIFUL STORY TELL.

Being a woman is kinda HARD where sometimes argument wins over understanding but don’t let that acquire you to be weak than you do. Weakness Is only deprives our brain that every happening is fixed and you should keep despite all acts against our will. Gender Equality is the best way to let every woman are born Queens in their way cause WOMEN ARE IRREPLACEABLE.

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Dressing up isn’t limit you from being a high-class shopper in a luxury brand. It’s all about the confidence you are wearing when you turn from a girl with a lollipop until she became a woman with equal rights. Having rights shouldn’t only be taking care of yourself but also empowering women to become one when they need someone to depend on.

It’s a real deal when women support women. The powerful at that doesn’t require any monetary form to feel overwhelmed on things that need to acknowledge. Dressing like a badass means a lot to yourself. It doesn’t acquire many affirmations to get what you wanted. YOU NEED TO TRY TO SPEAK AT YOUR CONFIDENCE. In this way, Once a little girl and now a woman turn into a real passion for a better vision of life.



In my own past story, A lot of mistakes have been done and until now it is happening. However, mistakes are bound to make us take action in the truth of the process for a better future. I fall, in about 10 backward for all I did and it affects my mind and body that my decisions are still on pending before taking off the mask I have. It is the difficult lane that you are riding to. Despite that, I tried the hardest one into fulfilling one to strive harder than no other could be.

The past two years before turn my dream into is reality. I take a lot of patience. It is just a long waiting time for me to realize I need to change for better as I am. One voice and prayer help me healed the bruises I have gone through since high school.
Being a woman is super damn hard. All things happen for a reason that we don’t know. For us to tear off the mask we should embrace the truth and take the reality as part of life-long learning progress to deliver greater results of who and what are you require to do make the life is worth living.

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Being happier comes after we did the great sacrifice to help ourselves and inspire others. That happiness tells us that no matter how many failures you have, it could also be an interesting story to inspire other ladies in your area that you have the power to change your zigzag lane. Happiness identifies the real facts that you can take for leading yourself into different stages of lifestyle.
I believe that this quote tells a lot. Girls just wanna have fun both grace and capable of doing more than she does. Always remember to forgive yourself is the best thing to move forward to another step to become a LADY BOSS in this world.


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