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What Youthsoloartsy Offers?

Sell to Youthsoloartsy’s extensive global young audience, from whichever country your brand is from.

  • A personal sourcing executive that is dedicated to guiding your brand’s exposure on Youthsoloartsy.
  • Editorial coverage across our website, social media and newsletters.


Have Youthsoloartsy sharing its advocacy for sustainable fashion, minimal waste while exploring destinations and trying out different cuisines around the world.

We love working with new companies and brands! We really like to partner with travel and hospitality brands that we can recommend to our readers who travel and practicing the minimal waste lifestyle. Here are some partnership examples I have taken part in previously.
Of course, I am open to new partnership ideas!

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For more information or check availability, email me at mikhaela.adarve24@gmail.com or send me a message HERE.